What happened to women often increase leucorrhea?Gynecologist: Find the reason from these 5 hands

Sister Liu, 36, said that in the past few days, she found that she had a lot of leucorrhea and she was very sticky. She thought she was getting angry at first.But she thought she hadn’t eaten anything to get angry recently.

After a few days, I found that the phenomenon of more leucorrhea did not improve, and then went to the gynecological clinic to check it, and found that it was infected with inflammation.

The doctor prescribed some medicines she had taken, as well as external drugs. After two courses of treatment, the inflammation has now been completely cured.

Many women have the phenomenon of increasing leucorrhea, and not everyone will be a gynecological inflammation like Sister Liu. Doctors say that many reasons will cause leucorrhea. Some are normal phenomena and do not need to be treated.

What happened to women often increase leucorrhea?Gynecologist: Find the reason from these 5 hands

1. Excessive mental stress

Some external factors will also lead to an increase in leucorrhea secreted by women. For example, due to various reasons, women’s mental stress is too large. Long -term tension and stress will affect the disorders of the body’s endocrine system and neurological system.

These disorders will cause problems with normal endocrine regulation, which will also cause women to secrete more leucorrhea.

However, this does not belong to the category of disease. It does not need to be treated in gynecology, and only needs to regulate psychological factors.

2. Physiological factors

Women during ovulation, early menstruation, or during pregnancy, due to changes in body hormones, they will increase the increase in votes secretion, but this is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it is also normal. It does not need to cause nervousness.

Therefore, when leucorrhea increases, women must first consider whether it is in the ovulation period or whether it is about to come to menstruation. As long as the leucorrhea will return to normal during this period.

3. In -the -palace birthday

After many women have children, they choose to place the internal palace -saving method for contraception.However, the physical condition of many people is not suitable for placing, or the internal palace internal breeder is not suitable for themselves, which will cause some reactions.

For example, the increase in leucorrhea, or bleeding, and abdominal pain.If there are women in the palace -saving device, there is an increase in leucorrhea. Check it. Whether the model is placed is suitable, or use other methods to contraceptive.

4. Bacterial infection

Due to various reasons, the pathogen infection can cause gynecological inflammation.One of the most obvious manifestations of gynecological inflammation is that the secretion is increased, and it will also accompany the vulvar itching.

There are also many pathogenic bacteria that lead to this phenomenon, such as White Candida, Bacteria, Trichils and other vaginitis, which will cause the increase in leucorrhea.

If there is an increase in leucorrhea, and some unpleasant taste, or the phenomenon of itching of the vulva at the same time, relevant examination and treatment should be performed in time.

5. Cervical erosion

After various reasons cause cervicitis, cervical erosion may occur. At this time, there will also be increased secretions, such as the imbalance of hormones in the body, or some external factors.

However, some women did not have any reasons, causing cervical erosion to increase the secretion.

There will be a lot of reasons that can cause increased secretions and need to be treated differently, but the increase in leucorrhea can be cured and hungry, so women do not have to worry too much.

After checking the cause, symptomatic treatment, and at the same time, we must do a good job of hygiene and prevention.

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