What ingredients do not contain skin care products during pregnancy?

"All you eat, painted, and contact may not only affect you, but also affect your baby."

——Sandra Marchese Johnson, American Smith, Johnson Dermatology Expert

1. Can I use anti -wrinkle skin care products?

Try to avoid skin care products containing hypalide.

Anti -wrinkle skin care products mostly contain Retinoids, and vitamin acid in topical products is only absorbed by the skin.However, there are currently individual clinical case reports that external use of vitamin acid during pregnancy may lead to terators; at the same time, they are also considered to lead to abortion and low weight births.

2. Can I use acne skin care products?

Use cautiously!IntersectionIntersection

Most acne -removing skin cleansing products contain salicylic acid (Salicylic Acid). Studies believe that if you take acetyl acetyl salicylic acid during pregnancy, you can lead to teratogenic tires.However, there is no clinical study that has proved to have similar adverse consequences during pregnancy or breast lactation.However, if high concentration is used in large areas, such as a mask containing salicylic acid, full body massage cream, etc., try to avoid it.Especially if the skin is damaged, the absorption ratio of salicylic acid will be higher.

If acne appears due to the changes in estrogen levels in the early pregnancy, please use related acne products under the guidance of professionals, because many acne products also contain salicylic acid and vitamin acid.

3. Can I use sunscreen during pregnancy and breastfeeding?


Scientific research has proved that only a small amount of ingredients can be absorbed into the human body through the skin after using sunscreen, and no toxic side effects are found in animal experiments.In addition, many pregnant mothers find that the color spots on their sheets are aggravated or new chloasm is found, which is related to the changes in hormone levels during pregnancy and sun exposure.The use of sunscreen is one of the important ways to prevent and treat stains during pregnancy.

For pregnant women, you can consider choosing a physical sunscreen, or hard sunscreen, such as wearing hats and sunglasses, which is also possible.

4. Can I use lipstick during pregnancy and breastfeeding?


Although in order to make the color of lipstick more lasting, most (about 60%) of regular and qualified brands of lipstick contain lead, and pregnant mothers are extremely sensitive to heavy metals.However, as long as it is a regular and qualified lipstick, don’t worry. Studies have shown that eating more than four lipsticks a day will cause lead poisoning.Therefore, the possibility of the fetus with lead lipsticks is extremely low; if you are still not assured, you can consider lead lipstick.

5. Can I use hair -dye perm and other hairdressing products?


At present, there is no clinical basis for human -based clinical basis that occasional hair dyeing or perm during pregnancy is risky.Although animal experiments have discovered some chemicals of hairdressing products, the risk of abnormality may be increased.However, these chemicals are absorbed through the scalp and reached the possibility of affecting the amount of fetal development.

Therefore, if you need to be hairdressing during pregnancy or breastfeeding, please pay attention to the following items: use formal qualified products; ensure that the scalp is intact before use, it should be cleaned in time after use;Methods, pay attention to the place where air circulation is selected to minimize inhalation of harmful chemicals; hairdressing products have potential allergenic risks. After breastfeeding mothers use hairdressing products, pay more attention to the baby’s allergic protection.

6. Can I use nail polish and spray hair glue?

try to avoid

Nail polish and spray glue usually contain pHThalates.This thing may affect the development of the reproductive system of male fetuses.Another study has shown that the higher the concentration of phthalin acid metabolites in pregnant women’s urine, the higher the child’s intelligence and psychological development in the future.At present, there is no evidence to prove that the contact with benzene acid during pregnancy is related to teratogenic acid, and the impact on health is yet to be further studied.

The skin condition of pregnant women will change after pregnancy, mainly because of the impact of progesterone changes in the body during pregnancy, coupled with the influencing factors such as diet and schedule, a series of skin problems will follow.However, these skin problems only need to be taken good care during pregnancy. The postpartum hormone adjustment is adjusted back to normal, and the skin will be recovered.

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