What is a pair of milk?Will it be cancer?

Some time ago, when I swiped my mobile phone, I accidentally found such an article "××× supermodel, so thin, there is actually a sub -milk." It probably said that because BRA choices are not appropriate, it will cause the auxiliary breasts. Look at it.At the end of the article, it was found that it was actually a soft text, selling bras!Therefore, there is a idea of writing a popular science article about "auxiliary milk".

1. What is a secondary milk?

Milk breasts refer to the excess breasts outside the normal breast. They are generally on the front line or underarms, and may also occur on the top or below of the normal breast, the abdomen, and groin.

2. What are the reasons for formal milk?

The auxiliary milk is caused by congenital development abnormalities, which has nothing to do with other internal and external environmental factors such as other brans!The occurrence of auxiliary milk is related to the development of embryo.Human breasts are derived from the outer embryo. When the embryo develops, it is connected to the axillary nomin to the groin, also known as the "milk line".Just like dogs or pigs such as mammals, there are many pairs of breasts.However, for people, under normal circumstances, only a pair of breasts on the chest when they are born, and the rest of the breasts of the breasts are degraded.If other breasts are not degenerate or incomplete, auxiliary milk will be formed.

3. Symptoms of paramilk?

Most of the auxiliary milk is shown in the bulge in the local area. Some of them only have nipples. Some of the well -developed sub -milk shaped like normal breasts and nipple areola.Most of the auxiliary milk has no symptoms, some breasts have periodic pain and swelling, swelling, pain, and tingling before menstruation, disappearing after menstruation.Some of the good pair of milk will grow obviously and even secrete milk when pregnancy and breastfeeding.

4. The classification of paramilk?

According to the form, the auxiliary milk is divided into a complete type of pair of milk and incomplete auxiliary milk.Fully parallel milk is a pair of breasts with nipples, areola and breast tissue.

5. Diagnosis and identification of side milk?

The diagnosis of the auxiliary milk is very simple, and the diagnosis can be clearly diagnosed through physical examination and ultrasound examination.Clinically, auxiliary milk is identified as lipoma, sebaceous gland cysts, para -milk fibroma, and para -breast cancer; it should also pay attention to identifying local fats caused by patients due to obesity.Lipoma is a common benign tumor. The mass is soft and has no other symptoms. It can be easily identified by ultrasound.The sebaceous gland cyst is caused by the sebaceous glands blocked. The boundary border is clear. Most of them are circular, adhesive to the skin, and squeezing the mass to squeeze the content of the bean dregs. Infertility occurs when the infection occurs in the infection.The manifestation of the videline fiber tumor is the same as the fibroma tumor in normal breasts.Milk cancer refers to the breast cancer that occurs in the parameter milk. The clinical manifestations are the same as ordinary breast cancer. They are mostly painful, with painless lumps, hard quality, poor activities, and unrelatial boundaries.

6. How to deal with side milk?

First of all, it is clear that not all the auxiliary milk needs to be treated.For smaller volume, only nipples and areolas, parallel milk without glandular tissue, do not affect health and beauty, and do not require special treatment.For those with a large amount of auxiliary milk, those who affect the aesthetic or painful pain, as well as the inner crickets and mass of the auxiliary milk, do not rule out those who do not rule out fiber adenoma or even sub -breast cancer. Surgery is recommended.Surgical methods include traditional surgical resection, liposuction, and liposuction and removal.For different patients, choose the appropriate surgical method; reduce surgical scars and focus on beauty effects.After all, in the summer, both underarms must be revealed; therefore, the beauty effect is an important factor that must be considered!

In summary, the auxiliary milk is formed by the initial base of the mammary glands without degenerate or degenerative incompleteness during human embryo development, which has nothing to do with Bra.The auxiliary milk itself does not cause cancer, but the auxiliary milk may have a disease -related diseases with normal breasts, such as periodic pain, fibroma, and paramilk cancer.Therefore, it is not necessary to be too nervous about the auxiliary milk, not all sub -milk requires surgical resection!Just like normal breasts, it is impossible to remove normal breasts because there is no lesion or carrying the BRCA mutation gene.For a pair of milk that really needs surgical resection, it is important to choose the appropriate surgical method. It is important to focus on beauty effects!””””@Cancer Hospital Affiliated Cancer Hospital@天 使@@南 健康

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