What is going on repeatedly after giving birth?How to solve?

Have you found that postpartum often occurs in neck and shoulder pain and uncomfortable performance and easy to fall into pillows?The young mothers in my video examples cannot get up directly after giving birth. After action screening, the root cause is unstable in the cervical spine, and the normal function of the cervical spine is restored through target training.If the neck and shoulder discomfort occurs after delivery, and the pillow is frequent, it is prompted that the cervical spine stability may have problems.

Why does the postpartum cervical spine unstable?There are two factors. One is that during pregnancy, pregnant women will secrete a relaxation, which is to make the pregnant women’s production tract muscles relax and facilitate childbirth.The ligament has a certain degree of relaxation, including the neck, which will affect the stability of the neck;

The secretion of relaxation not only relaxes the bottom muscle, but also affects the skeletal muscles, including the neck muscle group

On the other hand, the relaxation is generally metabolized in the 2 to 4 months after giving birth, but the fetal volume and weight of pregnant women have continued to increase during pregnancy, resulting in difficulty in getting up directly from the flat position, forming a habit of getting up sideways (although it is conducive to alleviatingLumbar stress), almost inaccessible neck movement movement mode in daily life, the body feels decreased by the body’s body gradually shrinking and flexion (that is, the muscle memory decreases), and the flexion muscles areThe group is the most important cervical spine stabilization muscle group. Therefore, some postpartum mothers can’t complete the normal flexion even if the relaxation is metabolized.

Harm of cervical spine unstable: Cervical instability will accelerate the degeneration of the cervical spine, such as straightening cervical curls, small joint disorders of cervical spine, frequent pillow, etc. The symptoms can see the numbness of the upper limbs or fingers, the cervical and shoulder pain is not suitable for headache and dizziness.Friends with poor cervical stability may happen, the most serious case is that the probability of spine (neck) whipping damage when driving or car encountering a sudden brake or collision is higher.Therefore, it is necessary to conduct cervical stability training.

When driving or taking a sudden brake or collision, the mothers with unstable cervical spine have a high probability of spine (neck) whipping damage.

So how to check if you have obvious postpartum cervical spine?There is a simple but effective screening method, see the video content sharing.

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