What is good for cows to eat calcium?What can cows eat calcium?Raise cattle, come and see

In the process of raising cattle, when the cow cannot stand up or stands difficulty, this is the cow lack of calcium.Calcium lack of calcium is generally fine, but once cows are deficient in calcium, it is likely to cause cows and calfs to lose both.In order to help all kinds of bull farmers, today I will talk about how to treat calcium deficiency when cow lacks calcium.It is recommended that you collect it, don’t find it when you use it.

1. What to do if cows and calf deficiency are calcium deficiency

1. Cows: The performance of cows is paralyzed, mainly in the late pregnancy and breastfeeding period.Because after the cow is pregnant, the fetus in the stomach grows a little bit over time, and the more you grow, the more nutrients are needed.Because there are so many nutrition in the cows, when the Mavericks absorb the nutrition of the cow’s body, the cow will definitely have a performance of calcium deficiency.

Therefore, after the cows are pregnant, we will give it some good, nutritious feed, and add to the feed: Multi -Victoria Pacific, it can not only supplement the cows, but also prevent cow paralysis.

When cows have paralyzed pre -birth and postpartum, we are advised to use: Kangli Tai Bao, a bag a day, specializing in the treatment of cows that are not paralyzed due to calcium deficiency.

2. Mavericks: Mavericks’ lack of calcium is unable to stand, mainly in the newly born little Niu or the Mavericks produced for a few days.The causes of the onset are related to the cows. The main reason is that the cows cannot obtain sufficient nutrition during pregnancy. As a result, it will seriously affect the development of the fetus, which will cause the calf to stand after birth.

When we encounter the Mavericks, we must first use Multi -Victoria to supplement the nutrition to the cows, and to supplement the Mavericks with milk.At the same time, we have to use: the calf is too much, and it can supplement the calf and zinc to quickly solve the situation where the calf palsy cannot stand.

2. What can cows eat calcium supplementation

1. Calcium supplementation: Milk is rich in various minerals. When cow lacks calcium, you can give it milk.

2. Calcium powder: If the cow appears in calcium deficiency, we can add stone powder to the eating of cattle, so that the calcium in the food can also be guaranteed, and it can be recovered basically for ten days and a half months.

3. Drug supplementation: When the cow lacks calcium, we can also get cows with 5%glucose chloride chloride, calcium glucose, or Vitaine gel calcium, just use one.

The above is the drug used for calcium deficiency. If your cow also appears calcium deficiency, it is recommended that you use the symptomatic medicine, so that the treatment is faster and simple.

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