What is inculded in the virgin checkup?What precautions?

In order to have a healthy baby, prospective parents will be busy quitting smoking and drinking during pregnancy, exercise, and change their lifestyle. In addition, experience before pregnancy is also essential.What are the specific contents of pre -pregnancy examination?


What do you check before pregnancy?

1. Routine hematuria, liver and kidney function examination

Specific mothers have a routine blood test to understand whether expectant mothers are anemia, or they can judge whether newborns have hemolysis through blood type.Urine rules can help early diagnosis of kidney disease, because pregnancy will increase the burden on prospective mothers’ kidneys.

Second, hepatitis B, AIDS and other viruses examination

There are too high -risk behaviors, multiple partners, or carriers with hepatitis B virus in the family, and preparation couples of patients with hepatitis B must do these two examinations, because hepatitis B and AIDS will be transmitted through maternal and infants, and actively check the virus transmission.

3. A series of gynecological examinations

Female friends who are ready for babies are indispensable for a series of gynecological examinations, such as routine leucorrhea examination and cervical cancer testing.Routine leucorrhea can screen gynecological diseases such as trichomoniasis, mold, mycoplasma chlamydia infection, and other vaginal inflammation. If necessary, you should be treated first and then consider pregnancy.Except for female friends cervical cancer or pre -cancer lesions.

Fourth, ECG, B -ultrasound examination

ECG helps doctors understand the heart of female friends. If there are abnormalities, they can be diagnosed and treated.The B -ultrasound can learn more about the development and status of the uterine ovarian in detail, and discover abnormalities in time. If you need to deal with it before pregnancy, you should have timely surgery to facilitate pregnancy.

5. Oral examination is indispensable

Oral examination can be found in the problem of pre -pregnancy teeth. Specific mothers suffer from oral diseases. The pathogenic bacteria may enter the placenta with the blood circulation, affect the growth of the fetus, and even cause the expectant motherPregnant.

6. Other inspections

Before preparing for babies, female friends should also conduct three examinations of rubella, Toxoplasma, and giant cytomegia virus.During pregnancy, female friends will cause miscarriage and fetal malformation once they are infected with rubella virus, especially the first three months of pregnancy.Therefore, if the rubella examination does not have antibodies, you can communicate with your doctor in vaccination in advance.In order to avoid infection with bowworms and giant cell virus, the doctor should also be actively understood from the doctor during pregnancy.

Special Note:

1. Due to gynecological examinations before pregnancy, female friends should be carried out within 3-7 days when menstruation is completely clean.Fasting on the morning of the medical examination, because some inspection items need to be empty.In addition, female friends can take a clean small bottle to collect a small amount of morning urine to prepare for testing.

2. The couple should be carried out at the same time before pregnancy. Compared with female examinations, men’s examinations are simpler and semen routine examination

Cheehe sperm function test is an important examination item. These two inspections can understand the conditions of male sperm, total sperm, sperm density, sperm activity, sperm morphology, mildew or trichomonas infection.

3. Couples with a family history of genetic diseases have to conduct a hereditary disease examination.


Don’t ignore these small signals!

After the pregnancy is successful, expectant mothers will have some small signals that prompt pregnancy. For the sensitive expectant mothers in the body, these small signals will even appear before you use the pregnancy test paper to distinguish the true and false!When you appear the following small signals, it means that you may be a quasi -mother.

Small signal one, delayed menstruation

If your menstrual cycle has always been accurate, but this month is delayed for no reason, and the menstrual period has been delayed for more than 10 days, it is likely that you are already a prospective mother.

Small signal two, fatigue

After women are pregnant, endocrine will change significantly, and fatigue is one of the most obvious symptoms.You may feel that you don’t sleep enough anyway, and you feel exhausted if you don’t do anything.

Small signal three, nausea nausea

You who had a good appetite, suddenly felt nauseous after getting up early, and even appeared in morning vomiting. Not only that, even when you smelling the fishy smell, you would also want to vomit when you smell greasy. When these performances appear, you may be pregnant.

Small signal 4. change of dietary habits

Once female friends are pregnant, their appetite will change a lot, or they suddenly become greedy, or they only prefer one food. In short, the changes in diet habits are obvious.When female friends have changes in dietary habits, they may have conceived their babies.

Small signal five, frequent urination

Why do you always want to go to the toilet?This may be caused by an increased uterine compression of the bladder.If frequent urination performance during pregnancy may also show that you are pregnant with your baby.

Small signal 6. Breasts are softer

If female friends feel that their breasts are soft and the nipple color becomes darker, especially the color of the areola is darker, then it is likely to indicate that you are pregnant.

Small signal seven, basic body temperature rising

The so -called basic body temperature refers to the body temperature measured by sleeping for more than 6 hours, waking up without moving, not eating, and quietly.For female friends with menstrual rules, in a menstrual cycle, the basic body temperature will rise by about 0.5 ° C after ovulation. This temperature will remain until the next menstrual tide will begin to decline.However, after pregnancy, due to the effects of progesterone in the body’s body on the body temperature center, the temperature will continue to maintain a high level without decrease. When the base temperature continues to rise, it can also be preliminarily determined that successful conception can be successfully conceived.

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