What is pregnant?

Chapter 4 Let’s get married

Back to her seat, she covered her face exhausted, and her heart was messy.

At this time, Li Man came over and said, "Is that secretary scolding you again? Harm, what is she doing, is not jealous of you beautiful."

Meng Jun stabilized his mood and looked at her with a smile, "You are right."

Li Manyi patted Mengjun’s shoulder angrily.

Love is not the best relationship, friendship is the best.

Meng Jun nodded, "Don’t let’s go to the hot pot restaurant at the school gate?"

Li Man said, "Yes, I notify the sisters to say"


In the evening, the box of hot pot restaurants.

A group of little girls couldn’t drink it.

Mengjun doesn’t like to play this game, and drinks in a few rounds.

Several people were boring, and when Meng Jun was turn again, Li Man took her wine glass directly.

"It’s boring to drink again. We are all good sisters in four years. What can’t be let go? Great adventure, hurry up." Li Man smiled cheaply, "For the opposite sex of the newspaper’s recent contact, say:I’m pregnant, let’s get married. "

Recently, the opposite sex who has recently contacted Manshen has no other people, and she does not contact other opposite sex. The contact in her work is WeChat, and rarely uses phone calls.

So her phone record … Although the daily interval is long, Qing Yixi is a person, remark: he.

Before Meng Jun reacted, Li Man took her phone directly, dialed the phone out, and opened it.

The voice of Dudu came, and everyone held up his breath. He wanted to know the oldest younger who was the oldest in the dormitory. What kind of person is his boyfriend?

Mengjun’s mood is very light. She knows that he will not pick up at this time, after all, there are more important people to accompany.

However, the phone was connected at this time.

I didn’t speak there, it seemed to be waiting for her to speak.

Li Man pushed the Mengjun, pointed at the content of the table, and the content of the mobile phone, motioning her to hurry up.

Mengjun’s heartbeat accelerated and took a deep breath. He said, "Let’s get married, I have children."

Time passed by every minute, and she could hear her like a drum -like heartbeat in the space.

He never spoke.

The other party has been silent and has a strong sense of oppression.

Meng Jun was embarrassed and pressed directly to hang up the phone.

Li Man patted his heart and exhaled heavily, "No, Ajun, are your boyfriend so cold, I was frozen across the phone …"

Others laughed and started to make trouble.

Mengjun was so messy, where I still had a mood to play, and said, "I’m back first."

Then he left the private room and took a taxi back to the place of stay.

Go home all the way, less than half an hour.

It was just that when she stepped out of the elevator, she was pulled over and pressed on the wall.

Immediately, the man approached her eyes, "Really?"

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