What is progesterone?How to treat it?

Many women usually go to the hospital for various examinations after pregnancy, of which a progesterone examination.Of course, many women only know to check, but they do not know why progesterone and progesterone is to check?

What is progesterone?

Performatone is actually a hormone, which is secreted by women’s ovaries, also called progesterone.There are many physiological functions of progesterone. The main physiological function is that after normal women’s ovulation, the ovaries will secrete hormones to maintain pregnancy luteal.In addition, it is conducive to conception, which can affect the changes in endometrium, make the endometrium hyperplasia, and at the same time make the endometrium cells rich in sugar, which is conducive to the bed in the pregnancy.Once the bed is bed, it will grow normally into a fetus under the action of progesterone.In addition, the cells formed by fluff tissue and placenta will also secrete a large amount of progesterone to maintain pregnancy.

Normal progesterone levels change with different pregnancy. It is not unchanged, and the levels of progesterone in different populations are different, and the difference is large.Generally speaking, when the level of progesterone is less than 31.8nmol/L from 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, it will consider luteal dysfunction.The decline in progesterone levels may be the result of poor embryonic development, not the cause of tire stop or abortion.

What are the causes of low progesterone?

1. Insufficient luteum function

Disrogoy function refers to lack of luteal endocrine function formed after ovulation ovulation, and progesterone will secrete progesterone. When luteal is insufficient, progesterone will be low.

2. Embryo development abnormal

When the embryo develops early, three important hormone levels are required, one is estrogen, the other is progesterone, and the other is choricular gonadotropin. If the mother’s own endogenous hormones are not enough, the embryo will be stopped.

3. Decrease in placenta function

The most important role of the placenta is to transport nourishment and oxygen supply to the abdominal baby, and can excrete the fetal metabolites.In addition, it can produce hormones and various enzymes.When the placental function is reduced, the hormone produces is insufficient, which will cause hyperthyls to be too low.

Of course, in addition to the above three points, the causes of low progesterone are also ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion.

How to treat progesterone?

Low progesterone is still large for women’s bodies, especially when female progesterone during pregnancy is too low may cause fetal dysplasia and even cause miscarriage.For low progesterone, we should first go to a regular professional hospital for examination. There are many reasons for the low progesterone.Second, it can be adjusted through food, and some foods are rich in natural progesterone.By eating these foods containing natural progesterone can help women produce more progesterone.

It can be seen that women with low progesterone should not have too much psychological burden.Of course, whether women with low progesterone need to treat progesterone, we must obey the doctor’s advice, rather than strong demands or blind supplements.If you have any fertility, you can add WeChat: 17661063839 to consult.

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