What is the "ectopic pregnancy"?

In special periods, sometimes special circumstances are inevitable. Female friends pay attention to their own health. It is really not to be ignored. It is particularly important to understand some "related science popularization knowledge".

Let ’s popularize the popular science knowledge of ectopic pregnancy.Normal pregnancy is to develop in the uterine cavity in the uterine cavity. If the fertilized eggs lose the direction and develop in bed outside the uterine cavity, a "ectopic pregnancy" is formed.Everyone usually refers to "ectopic pregnancy" as "ectopic pregnancy"."Extreme pregnancy" includes not only fallopian tube pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, wide ligamental pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy, but also in the uterine but non -uterine cavity.Pregnancy.Among them, fallopian pregnancy accounts for 95%of abnormal pregnancy.

There are vampire diseases, a history of pelvic inflammation, a history of rotations, a history of artificial abortion, and an in -palace.

The most typical symptoms are menopause, irregular vaginal bleeding, and lower abdomen pain on one side.

If you find that you usually have a normal menstrual cycle and do not have menstruation for a month, you must pay attention to whether you are pregnant. You should come to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant examinations. In the process of further examination (including blood drawing, B -ultrasound)Internal pregnancy is still an exceptional pregnancy.

Not all ectopic pregnancy requires surgery. There are two methods: drug treatment and surgical treatment. Surgical therapy has the difference between retaining tubal and resection fallopian tube.The specific treatment method requires the doctor to choose the treatment plan suitable for patients according to the patient’s condition.

Therefore, it is important to prevent female friends. If there is pelvic inflammation, please treat it in time to avoid inflammation and the structure and function of the fallopian tube.If there is already a history of ectopic pregnancy, you can monitor ovulation when preparing for pregnancy, and try to get pregnant when you ovulate ovulation on the side of the ectopic pregnancy.

(Jiujiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital Tan Ruijuan)

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