What is the blood clot flowing during menstruation?Do you need treatment?

Girls will come to visit every month auntie every month

But some things maybe you are not very clear so far

For example, the menstrual blood clot during the auntie

According to incomplete statistics

90%of women in the menstrual blood during the auntie period

Over -blood clot

Many women see this situation

I’m worried, I’m afraid there is a problem with the body

So how did the blood clot come from?

Is it a precursor to the disease?

Let’s take a look together


How did menstruation come?

The menstrual phenomenon of women is the effect of estrogen and progesterone in the endometrium receptor, and a periodic change and falling off.

Under normal circumstances, women’s ovaries will excrete a mature egg every month, and the endometrium will be thickened and prepare for pregnancy. If this egg is not combined with sperm and fails to conceive successfully, the endometrium will be the endometrium.Atrophy, then necrotic and falling off, causing bleeding, and causing menstruation.


What is the composition of menstruation?

Menstruation is mainly blood, as well as some endometrial tissue fragments, as well as various activated enzymes and biological factors.Among them, fibrin soluble enzymes can dissolve fibrin, so that menstrual blood is liquid and non -solidified, and prostaglandin plays a role in shrinking the uterus.


Why are there blood clots in menstruation?

In fact, when the endometrium starts to fall off, exposes small blood vessels and causes its bleeding, the blood clot has formed; when the menstrual flow is large, there is a large amount of blood condensation in the uterus. At this timeThe blood clotter became larger, so the blood clot was generated.

※ The main factors of blood clump formation are: the blood volume is large and the hemorrhage is fast during menstruation, and the blood is condensed into a blood clot like a snowball; due to the long -term sitting, the uterine position is excessive or backward, or there are pelvic inflammatory disease.As a result, the blood circulation is blocked and stayed for a long time to form blood clots.


There are blood clots in menstruation. Do you need treatment?

Doctors said that because menstruation contains iconic lyssene, normal menstruation is not coagulated, and it is usually not accompanied by blood clots.However, if the patient’s menstrual flow is too large, or there are a large number of endometrium shedding substances, or a decreased complain, there may be some blood clots.

When these blood clots are small, they usually have no symptoms and do not affect health. They do not need to be conditioned; but if women have a large number of blood clots, and even accompanied by menstruation, severe dysmenorrhea and other phenomena, we still recommend that timely arrive in time to arrive in time.The hospital goes for examination and then treats the symptoms.

In addition, when you find the color and morphology of menstrual blood, remember to go to the hospital for examination. If you have no problem, you should eat it with peace of mind. If you have inflammation or other problems, you can obey the treatment. Don’t go to the hospital because of the sake.Your own health!

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