What is the cause of vomiting in Samoyed?

Once we find that our Samoyed has vomiting, we must pay attention to observing these three points and it is best to record it: the frequency of vomiting, whether the weight changes, and spiritual.Then, you’re better to see the pet doctor with vomit, you can take a photo with nausea!

Because pet doctors can investigate the cause of vomiting from vomit.For example: hair, dog food, leaves, bone fragments, metal, pencil cover, toy snacks, etc.If there is actual vomit, you can help you as quickly as possible.

The following is the risk coefficient of sorting out the vomiting of various Samoyed:

Risk coefficient: ★★

The most common cause of vomiting in Samoyed is from accidental diet, such as eating garbage, grass, plants, paper towels, etc. to solve the vomiting of dogs due to accidental diet.The garbage in it is just fine.If there is no discharge, they should be sent to the veterinary station for further gastroscopy.

Risk factor: ★

When your Samoyed’s diet is changed from this brand to another brand, it will cause diarrhea and even vomiting for several days. This situation is very common.Therefore, it is best to have a transition time when changing food. The time is controlled within one or two weeks.

Risk factor: ★

Sometimes your Samoyed may be too hungry, or it feels the competitive pressure of other family members while eating, which will cause it to vomit and digest food immediately.

This situation is best to let this Samoyed feed in an independent room.

Risk coefficient: ★★

Eat our human foods, such as hot dogs, skewers, chicken feet, pizza, ham and other foods with large oil and salt. A small amount of occasional feeding is no problem.But from a small amount of accumulation, it will occur in vomiting.

Digestive, or swallowing foreign matter, can also cause your family Samoye to vomit.

Danger coefficient: ★★★★

It may be related to the abnormal function of the immune system.The two common signs of IBD are chronic diarrhea and vomiting.It is not able to be completely cured, but it can be controlled and conditioned.

Samoyed has a parasite in the body that may also cause vomiting, so the owner wants to give your family Samoyed regularly.

Danger coefficient: ★★★★

Small is usually appeared in puppies with incomplete vaccination.The first disease of the small virus infection is vomiting and depression.

Danger coefficient: ★★★★

Chronic ear infections in the middle ear and inner ear will affect the dog’s balanced organs, causing nausea and vomiting.Common signs are that dogs will unconsciously tilt their heads to the side of the ear.This can only be solved through surgery.

Danger coefficient: ★★★★

Samoyed’s liver disease is another common cause of vomiting.Long -term consumption of toxic products (dog food, canned dogs, etc.) or through bacterial or viral infections may cause liver damage.

Symptoms and signs are common symptoms and signs.Dog feces with liver disease are sometimes abnormal light or dark yellow.These dogs may also show excessive thirst, weight loss, bleeding time, and abdominal effusion.

Liver disease can be treated well, but long -term professional light diet is required to reduce the burden on the liver.So how to choose high -quality dog food suitable for your own Samoyed?Recommended click to read: It is not difficult to choose the right dog food among many dog food. Come and learn!

Danger coefficient: ★★★★

Samoyed is a double -layer. He is afraid of heat and cold, but if it is summer, it will be easy to heatstroke. Samoyed is dizzy, often vomiting and diarrhea.Smart.The heart rate is fast and may have seizures.

I was sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

If your Samoyed vomiting belongs to the general situation, it is feeding an appropriate amount of probiotics to care for the vulnerable gastrointestinal after vomiting. It is recommended to choose a pet probiotic for pets.

Conclusion: Did you find the reason why your Samoyed vomit?

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