What is the difference between girls’ menstrual cycle 25 days and 35 days?Which aging is faster?Know not to lose money early

Menstruation is a "barometer" for women’s health. It ensures normal menstrual cycle to help women’s health.Most women will gradually come between the age of 13 and 14. Of course, some women are earlier and some women are late. This is also related to personal constitution. The menstrual cycle that guarantees the regularity also shows that their physique is also relatively healthy.

However, in life, many women also face such a phenomenon, that is, the menstrual cycle of some women is 25 days, and some women’s menstrual cycle is 35 days. What is the difference between the two?Is it related to aging speed?Let’s take a look at the menstrual cycle and health of women together.

For female friends, menstruation is a periodic endometrium periodic loss and bleeding with the periodic changes of the ovarian, and the establishment of a regular menstruation like women is one of the standards for women’s reproductive function.

With the influence of ovarian hormones, endometrium endometrium is generally divided into hyperplasia, the secretion period and menstrual period, the menstrual period is also endometrium, and the function layer falls off the decomposition.Fast decrease, endometrial loss of hormone support and endometrial bleeding.

75%of menstrual blood comes from arteries, and 25%of menstrual blood comes from veins. The main ingredients include a large amount of fibrin solunts in uterine endometrium, tissue fragments, prostaglandins, and endometrium.

It is also because of the solubility of this protein fibroblase on fibrin, so menstrual blood generally does not solidify, and the problem of coagulation clots will only occur in the state of bleeding.

For women, it is also important to ensure normal menstrual cycle. So what do women look like?

1. Performance age: The age of the early menstrual tide is between 13 and 14 years old. Some people may be as early as 11 years old, or at the age of 16. After the age of 16, if the menstruation is not available, it is also necessary to pay attention to it.

2. Meridian blood color: Under normal circumstances, the selected color is generally dark red. When the menstruation was just discharged, because many uterine endometrial fragments were mixed, cervical mucus and loser vaginal epithelial cells were mixed.Deepen, later turned into light red.

3. Menstruation cycle: The first day of bleeding is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Two times, the time of the section 1 of the menstrual period is generally 21 ~ 35 days, with an average of 28 days. The menstrual cycle has a certain regularity.It is normal for the next period of menstruation to calculate the next period of menstruation.

4. Menstrual volume: Under normal circumstances, menstrual flow is 20 ~ 60ml. If more than 80ml is a manifestation of menstruation.

5. Performance time: It mainly refers to the duration of menstrual menstrual blood. Generally, it is 2 to 8 days, on average 4 to 6 days, and the menstrual time is more than 7 days. For those who are dripping for half a month, they often accompany menstruation time.Extension and so on.

6. Menstrual period accompanied by symptoms: In general, there is no special phenomenon during menstruation, but due to the pelvic congestion of menstrual period and the effect of prostaglandin, some women may have back pain and abdominal pain.

Of course, if the problem of abdominal pain occurs during menstruation, in addition to the cold of the palace, it may also be pathological changes such as endometriosis. It is also necessary to pay attention to the care of itself.

Therefore, due to the different physique of women, there is a certain difference between menstrual cycle. So what are the differences in different menstrual cycles?

[Different follicle maturity]

Women who have been menstruation once in 25 days have a short menstrual cycle and faster soaking in bubbles. After the eggs are mature, it will be discharged, which means that the endometrium has a fast thickening speed and it is easy to occur early.

If you have a menstruation once 35 days, it means that the follicle maturity is relatively slow, the time of menstruation will be relatively extended, and the menstrual cycle is also long.

[Different chance of ovulation]

Women need more than 400 eggs in their lives. After these eggs are discharged, women’s fertility functions are also about to be listed. Once a month, menstruation is equivalent to an egg.

Simply put, women who have been menstruation once in 25 days means that the frequency of ovulation is higher than that of women with a menstruation once in 35 days, and it is likely that they have advanced amenorrhea after finishing.

【Different fertility rates】

For female friends with a long menstrual cycle, although the time for the excretion of eggs is prolonged, it does not mean that the fertility ability has improved. As the age increases, the egg activity diet will be significantly reduced, so some menstrual cycles are 25 days for 25 days.Women, women with a menstrual cycle of 35 days, have a higher chance of conception.

Of course, some women will have menstrual cycle disorders, and the cycle is unstable. In this way, it will also cause the ovulation period to be inaccurate and facing contraceptive failures.Of course, whether the menstrual cycle is 25 days or 35 days, the fertility ability will decrease after a certain age.

I believe that for many female friends, I do not want to find themselves too early. If you find that you have a shorter menstrual cycle, it also means that the eggs will come in advance in advance, so most women think that aging will be too fast too fast., But there are actually many reasons for aging.

The menopause is not the only woman, 45 years old. If you usually pay attention to maintenance, then it looks very young and energetic.

Of course, some women are 55 years old. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will also give people a sense of old age, so there is no necessary connection between the speed of aging speed and menstruation.Balance is conducive to showing good looks.

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