What is the difference between pro -grandson and grandson?When daughter -in -law and daughter are pregnant at the same time, the parents’ approach reveals everything

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Two days ago, I brushed a very early TV clip. My daughter -in -law and daughter were pregnant at the same time, but the treatment was very different.After the daughter -in -law was pregnant, the grandfather of the masculinity was to go to the vegetable market to buy meat and fruits every day. After the wife was injured and could not cook, she also took the initiative to take the spoon in her daughter -in -law to cook the kitchen.

The pregnant daughter went home, and the old man shouted to let her daughter cook for cooking and do housework.My wife wanted to send some fruits to her pregnant daughter, and was blocked by the old man. The old man thought that only the child in the daughter -in -law’s belly was his blood. The daughter was splashed out of the water.The old lady asked, but that was your girlfriend.The old man said: According to the past, she changed her surname. Can her grandson and my grandson be the same?Why is it called a foreign grandson?"

This TV description is relatively long, and the old man is also exaggerated. It is too obvious that the difference between daughter and daughter -in -law after pregnancy is too obvious.

Many people say that it is a long -term older generation of things. This is an exaggerated description method on TV. Parents are emphasizing men and women, and they are also treating grandson and grandson.

Now that men and women are equal, their sons and daughters are the same, and their grandson and grandson are the same.I can only say that the young people I think so are too naive.I dare to say that, except for the only female family, most of them have children and women, and parents think like this.

I also heard a friend saying two days ago that I didn’t think my parents had anything different about themselves and my brother.But since the difference between my brother and my daughter -in -law at the same time, my parents knew that I only told me to pay more attention and eat more delicious food on the phone.After knowing that my brother -in -law was pregnant, he took the chickens raised at home and took a car to take a car to his brother’s house.My brother -in -law does not let my mother take care of, my mother has money and send things.

During my pregnancy, I did not receive a penny and the same thing.Of course, my in -laws treat me like my mother -in -law.After my brother and my daughter -in -law and my daughter -in -law gave birth to a child, my parents even performed the difference between the differences between the grandchildren and the pro -grandson. The little niece’s birthday 200 red envelopes, my son’s birthday 200, let my son go back to his hometown and let his mother take a few days, my mother finds all kinds ofReasons to quit, there are too many in short, I have already seen it now.The older generation of thoughts are deeply ingrained.

I agree with my friends very much. Most of the parents and parents have such ideas, but some parents speak fairly, but the thoughts in my heart are deeply rooted.obvious.

My grandson and grandson are always different in the hearts of the old man

For the elderly with pro -grandson and grandson, pro -grandson is more important than grandson.The pro -grandson is his own family, the continuation of his own incense and the inheritance of the blood.The grandson is the inheritor of his grandparents’ family. Even if he was young, he was better to him. When he grew up, he also had a sense of belonging to his family.

Of course, this is the thought of the older generation.The old man’s thought represents the past thoughts, but people in the future will have new ideas, especially in the future, more and more only children, grandson, pro -grandson, all their own descendants, the only difference is surnames!

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