What is the difference between the "stone girl" without vagina?

Without congenital development, women have a complete vagina at the moment of being born, which is a sign that allows women to develop healthy and healthy, with normal sexual function and fertility ability.But there are women in life without vagina. What is going on in this situation?What are the effects?What is the difference from normal women, you should understand it.

A woman has no vagina, and many adverse consequences must be afforded, such as changes in psychological state.Because unlike normal women, in the face of the abnormal body, it will cause women without vagina to fall into anxiety, and the impact of adverse mentality may cause psychological health problems.

In addition, no vagina means that women cannot perform sexual life normally. Farewell to sexual life representatives do not have fertility, because to complete sexual intercourse, women need normal vagina, and do not have menstruation without fertility.Many differences.

What are the differences from normal women?

Shi Nv refers to women who are born with no vagina. There may be other obvious features. The main manifestations are the lack of vaginal, small fallopian tubes, and uterine dysplasia. Some patients have good ovarian development and have normal functions.Sexuality is basically close to normal women.

The patients with lack of vaginal will have other different performances. Some people are completely atked with vaginal mucosa. There are no vaginal traces, and some people have abnormal uterus.

What are the causes of the cause?

There are many reasons for the occurrence of Shi Nu, which are generally divided into two categories. It may be that pregnant women take drugs in early pregnancy, such as using progesterone to protect tires, or use antiepileptic drugs for a long time.It will affect the normal development of fetal reproductive organs. It may not follow the doctor’s guidance of scientific medication. With the impact of misconduct and long -term medication, there may be such adverse consequences.

In addition, genetic mutations can cause chromosomal abnormalities, and the reproductive organs are risky after chromosomal abnormalities.

Therefore, after pregnancy, the inspection should be in place. Pregnant women need to take medicines in health problems. They should be used by doctors to buy drugs by themselves. It is a very dangerous behavior.

How to deal with the situation of Shi Nu?

The principle of the treatment of Shi Nu is mainly to rebuild the vagina. There are many ways to form artificial vagina.the goal of.

It is necessary to conduct relevant inspections to understand what causes women do not have vagina, and then choose the best treatment method according to the actual situation. In some cases, surgery can be surgery, and some cases cannot interfere with surgery.

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