What is the impact of a pregnant woman’s mood on the fetus?

Poor mood for pregnant women is a very common phenomenon, and the mood of pregnant women is not good for the fetus.So what does pregnant women have a bad mood on the fetus? What should I do if the mood of pregnant women is not good? Let’s take a look at it!

What does pregnant women have a bad mood on the fetus?

1. fetal hypoxia

Pregnant women are in a bad mood, and harmful substances will produce in the body, causing the blood pressure of expectant mothers to rise. In severe cases, the blood circulation in the placenta will cause disorders, and then the baby will have temporary hypoxia, which will affect the baby’s body and mindHealthy normal development.

2. Increase the possibility of heart defects in the heart

The mood of mothers in the middle and late stages of pregnancy will cause the fetal heart rate to increase or slow down, and the fetal movement increases, resulting in a low body weight after birth, the heart may have defects, and physical dysfunction.

3. Affect the development of the fetus

If the mood of pregnant women is too nervous for a long time, it will have a negative impact on the baby’s hypothalamus, which will cause the chances of mental illness in the future.The incidence of disorders will also increase.

4. Poor fetal development, easy to abortion

If pregnant women have a long -term emotional uneasy, they may cause embryonic dysplasia, cause miscarriage, or cause malformations such as lip cracks and cleft palate.

The cause of the mood of pregnant women is not good at affecting the fetus during pregnancy. Whenever the mood of the pregnant woman changes, the endocrine glands will secrete a variety of hormones.These hormones can enter the placenta through blood circulation, which changes the blood component of the placenta and stimulates the fetal activity.

Relevant experts believe that the mothers are more stable during pregnancy, and their mood is peaceful, and the fetal movement will be eased and regular.

However, if pregnant women are emotional, they can cause excessive movement and acceleration of the fetus.When this harsh emotion lasts a long time, the strength and frequency of fetal activity will increase by 10 times compared to usual, and it will last longer, which will cause different degrees of damage to the fetus.

Therefore, expectant mothers during pregnancy should learn to regulate emotions, control and alleviate unhealthy emotions, so as to maintain a happy and optimistic mood for a long time, and make the fetus healthier.

What to do if pregnant women are not emotional

The first trick: Learn to control your emotions reasonably

During pregnancy, emotional instability is a common problem for pregnant mothers.Since this is unavoidable, pregnant mothers must learn to control their emotions reasonably.Xiaobian suggested that when the pregnant mother has bad moods, she must talk to her husband, family, doctor or friends, and telling itself a way of decompression to make the mood gradually cheerful.Whether you are or your family, you must work together to maintain the good mood of pregnant mummy and wait for the baby to come.

In the early stages of pregnancy, a good mood originated from the relationship with the family harmony and harmony.When encountering unsatisfactory things, pregnant mothers should not complain about the sky, pregnant moms must face everything with cheerful and bright mood.It is small and small, coordinate the family relationship, and the good mood comes from a good family atmosphere.

Some pregnant moms are eager to be eager, and they are confused about the future life. Due to the concerns of the topics such as housing, admission, and taking care of babies, psychological tensions are psychologically.These adverse mentality cause the emotional instability of pregnant moms, and even show nervousness, which is very unfavorable to the fetus.Therefore, pregnant moms should be as open -minded as possible and deeds; if you encounter discomfort, don’t go into the horns of the horns.

The second trick: more contact with beautiful things

About one month of pregnancy, the baby is not fixed and qualitative in the stomach of the pregnant mother.Pregnant mothers must be in a good mood. First of all, we must contact some beautiful things, have more good ideas, and do more useful activities.

Xiaobian suggested that starting from 6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should start watching some books or film and television movies that can inspire mother and child emotions.Pay attention to the various reactions of the baby, the pregnant mother can imagine that the baby is peaceful, lively, and free in the belly; how beautiful the baby’s face is.When you are free, pregnant mothers can do some pregnant women’s yoga, which can help pregnant mothers meditate better.Don’t underestimate these! This is very important to increase the physical and psychological connection between mother and child, and enhance mother and child feelings.

And the pregnant mother who loves beauty, never affect the appearance and body shape due to the pregnancy reaction, the burden of pregnancy, or because the belly is large, and the color of the face, which damages her face, etc., and resent the baby in the middle of the baby.Studies have shown that there is any bias or miscarriage on the baby’s baby’s babies, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of the baby.

The third trick: Daddy to accompany the pregnant mother to witness the growth of the fetus

The prospective dad always plays an indispensable important role in the pregnancy of the pregnant mother.The prospective father is best to accompany the pregnant mother to learn about childbirth knowledge, and share more with other prospective dads or pregnant mothers; especially three months before pregnancy, pregnant mothers are particularly susceptible to miscarriage.Before checking, you must be accompanied by,

Xiaobian suggested that the prospective father of pregnant mothers can participate in each stage of pregnancy and enrich the life content of pregnant mothers.In the early stages of pregnancy, the prospective dad is best to complete prenatal education with his wife every day.The prospective dad can accompany the pregnant mother to take a photo of pregnant women. You can write some pregnancy diary and share the pregnancy of the pregnant mother on the Internet.

In addition, prospective dad can help the baby’s baby’s name with the pregnant mother, chat with the pregnant baby with the pregnant mother, and plan the blueprint for the future growth of the baby.In this way, not only the wife’s emotions are adjusted, but they can also cultivate the good temperament of the baby.

The fourth trick: prospective dad should take care of the pregnant mother

When pregnant mothers react early, the prospective dad should try to consider his wife and take care of his wife in life.Masters should prepare some light, easy -to -digest foods for pregnant mothers.In addition, Xiaobian suggested that the prospective dad should try to say something funny as much as possible, tell some humorous stories and jokes to make his wife feel cheerful.

Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the prospective dad should not care about the "unknown fire" of his wife at this time.The emotional changes in pregnant mothers are largely caused by physiological changes.The pregnant mother cried grievily, and it was by no means something wrong with your feelings.For pregnant mothers with low emotions, prospective dad should try to show generosity and warmth as much as possible, guide pregnant mothers to control their emotions, and think about their children, because low emotions are not good for fetal development.

As a named husband and dad, the prospective dad can also help pregnant mothers massage, which not only makes pregnant mothers feel comfortable, but also enhance the relationship between husband and wife; in addition, the prospective dad will accompany the pregnant mother to take a walk to make her moreBreathing fresh air is greatly beneficial to the baby.The love of the prospective father is a good medicine for pregnant mothers to eliminate irritability.

Methods of poor emotional emotions in pregnant women

1. Accept the sun

The doctor pointed out that the sunlight has a great impact on the hormone of the human body. Bathing daily in the sun for at least 15 minutes, which helps the increase in serotonin. It is recommended that pregnant moms use long -sleeved clothes or apply sunscreen, so that the sunlight will be directly directly.Sprinkle on the body to help increase vitamin D and bone density, and also reduce the incidence of bad emotions.

2. Start exercise

In addition to the generally familiar exercise principles of "3 times a week, 30 minutes each time", it is recommended that pregnant moms can increase the frequency of more than 1 to 2 times a week, take more ways or contact nature, helpingImproving serotonin also helps control the weight of pregnancy and reduce discomfort during pregnancy.

3. Act in happy food

In addition to a balanced diet, some foods also help improve positive emotions, such as: bananas can enhance serotonin; color peppers and oats are beneficial to relieve frustration; green vegetables, walnuts and good water are also helpful for positive emotions.

4. Add fish oil

Studies have found that high -dose fish oil not only has the effect of preventing depression, but also the effect of treatment. Therefore, in the outpatient clinic, high -dose fish oil has become one of the suggestions for prescriptions for depression patients, but the doctor reminded that during pregnancy, the doctor reminded that during pregnancyIf it is not simply maintenance, but to achieve the effect of preventing depression, the dosage of fish oil in the high unit must be submitted to different pregnancy conditions and pregnancy stage.Safety.

5. Relax exercises

The busy life pace allowed modern people to be in a state of nervous physical and mental state. Relaxing seems simple. In fact, it is necessary to practice through practice. The doctor encourages pregnant moms to make relaxation through daily relaxation exercises.Or in a tight situation, you can remember and use it immediately, effectively reduce the burden of stress events to the body.

Abdominal breathing: When inhaling, when the belly is bulging and exhales, the belly is shrinking and slowing down as possible. Each time is performed 3 to 5 times.Just exhale.

Gradual muscle relaxation method: lying down or sitting on a back chair, by consciously tightening your muscles of all parts of your own parts (for example: tighten your eyebrows, bite your teeth, hold double punch, force the back of the toes, force your toes hardUnder the pressure, etc.), gradually relax the muscles of each part of each part. When performing, you can do it from large muscles to small muscles, or feel the tightening and relaxation of muscles in various parts from top to bottom.Let the mood gradually relax, practice 1 or 2 times a day, it is recommended to continue to practice until proficiency, so that it can be used immediately without any need.

The above is the relevant introduction about the impact of the mood of pregnant women and how to adjust it. I hope it is useful to everyone.

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