What is the knee pain during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are strong and fragile groups. They need to care and comfort during pregnancy. Some reactions or emotions and bodys brought by pregnancy may appear more fragile.But for the baby in the stomach, the baby will continue to cheer up and continue to be strong.Some people say how fragile pregnant women are.It can be seen that it is not easy for pregnant women to bear ugly joy and sorrow.

Some of the physical discomfort during pregnancy are normal reactions, and they will recover after that time; some need to pay more attention to prevent it carefully to avoid adverse effects on them and the fetus.So what’s the matter with knee pain in 31+5 weeks?Given that pregnant women are special groups, it is recommended to go to the obstetrician of the regular hospital for a doctor.Normal people’s knee pain is unbearable, not to mention pregnant women with a baby in their stomach.

From the perspective of orthopedics, there are generally three factors:

Leg pain, knee pain, or cramps during pregnancy are generally a manifestation of calcium deficiency in pregnant women. Generally, they are more common in late pregnancy and often appear at night.This is because the growth of the fetus requires more calcium.When the knee pain, pregnant women can straighten their lower limbs and make local massage in time to relieve pain.It is recommended to supplement calcium as soon as possible to drink more bone soup. You can supplement calcium lactate, vitamin AD pills, and vitamin E. Do not let your knees cold.

Each pregnant woman needs to be appropriately supplemented by calcium.Because the production of their fetus requires calcium, and these calcium is completely derived from the mother’s body, the amount of calcium consumed by pregnant women will be far greater than ordinary people, and the calcium in the diet alone does not reach the required capacity, and it needs to be repaired moderately.calcium.If you do n’t take calcium in insufficient calcium, you will not only affect your body, but also affect your baby ’s development. This is a worrying problem.

There are also some factors that are the problem of hormones. The changes in estrogen hormone levels during pregnancy make the ligaments and tendons around the joints of the whole body loose. The relaxed tendon and ligaments will have a low protection of joints, which will cause joint pain, especiallyIt is after childbirth.In the past, I always said that confinement had fallen into the root cause, and the pain of damage was closely related to this factor.

Many pregnant women’s food supplements are particularly powerful, especially all kinds of delicious foods. As a result, the nutrients in the body are overcurrent, and the number of metabolic wastes will increase.Increasing, most pregnant women can be adjusted, but a small number of people will have symptoms of gout.This is also considered.Especially the severe pain of acute attacks.

If pregnant women have joint pain, it is recommended to do trace element examination to see if there is a deficiency of calcium and uric acid. Under the guidance of a doctor, calcium supplementation or related treatment. You must pay attention to rest, avoid tiredness, and pay attention to diet and nutrition.For yourself, for your baby, you need to pay more attention.

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