What is the middle difference between 9 yuan and 299 yuan folic acid?

Knowing that women are preparing to eat folic acid when preparing to get pregnant, why do folic acid do?

Studies have found that folic acid deficiency can lead to various birth defects such as neurooth tube deformity, congenital heart disease, cleft lip and palate, and will also increase the incidence of diseases such as premature birth and hypertension during pregnancy.

There are a lot of folic acid products on the market, and a few dollars range from hundreds of dollars. Where is the difference?Is it an IQ tax?

First of all, there is a difference between folic acid dividing health products and drug folic acid, health products and medicines:

The comparison and connection of the human body trial test and the clinical trial of drugs

The differences in the above two pictures are clearly the difference. The drugs are very strict, and animal experiments and clinical trials must be available.On the other hand, some of the health products only need to do animal experiments, and some only need to do a trial test.

The State Food and Drug Administration hung up on the official website to explain the prompt to remind consumers:

Each qualified medicine and health product packaging has the sign of its own product attributes. It is clear and clear. Don’t ignore it:

In fact, the price of drugs is controlled by the country. It is a rigid need. People who are sick when they are sick. They must not let people buy medicine, especially this drug that can effectively prevent birth defects.In the high incidence area of ​​infant nerve tube defects in my country, it can effectively prevent 85%of infant nerve tube defects every day. How many defects can the birth of infants be greatly reduced?How many families are alleviated?This has a profound impact on families and even society, so since 2009, the state has posted documents in rural areas for free. This kind of 400 micrograms that have proven effective 400 micrograms.It is the conclusion that the birth rate of defects is effectively reduced. These are derived from the study of drug folic acid.

And health care products are purely personal preference consumption, just a choice of food, not strictly controlled by strict price control. The restrictions on health product advertising are much easier than drugs. Health products will spend a lot of investment in advertising promotion.First -level proxy, who will pay for these in the end?Take a few examples:

>> A variety of vitamin mineral slices (health products): 175.63 micrograms of folic acid, the unit price is 1.77 yuan/piece, the minimum supplementary amount is 400 micrograms, 3 tablets, and the cost of 5.31 yuan a day.

>> Australian folic acid (health products) in a Australian Haitao: The content of folic acid is 250 micrograms, the unit price is 1.66 yuan/grain, and 2 capsules are required to reach the minimum supplementary amount of 400 micrograms. The cost of a day is 3.32 yuan.

>> Drug folic acid tablets: 400 micromite, unit price 0.30 yuan/tablet, it takes 1 tablet to reach the minimum supplementary amount of 400 micrograms, and the cost of 0.30 yuan a day.

>> Another drug folic acid tablets: 400 microneic acid, 0.26 yuan/tablet in unit price, 1 tablet for reaching a minimum supplementary amount of 400 micrograms, and a cost of 0.26 yuan a day.

I do n’t know if I do n’t check it, a check -up, the cost of a day can be 20 times worse …

Therefore, if both health products and medicines have ingredients, the preferred drugs will be more secure.

1. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

There are few green leafy vegetables that Chinese people eat, and folic acid is generally insufficient. As a result, the level of plasma (HCY) of plasma (HCY) in the Chinese population is much significantly higher than foreigners.Studies have shown that high HCY is an important independent risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially stroke.

2. Reduce the risk of uremia

Studies have confirmed that the appropriate amount of folic acid can significantly delay the development of kidney disease in patients with hypertension and reduce the risk of developing chronic kidney disease into uremia.

3. Prevent intestinal cancer

Researchers have found that folic acid has a stable gene.Clarify the first -level prevention effect of folic acid on colorectal adenoma.

While adding folic acid, you should eat more folic acid -rich foods, and at the same time develop a healthy lifestyle to maintain a reasonable weight.

Plants with high folic acid content include rape, sunflower seeds, soybeans, broad beans, wool beans, artemisia, red beans, mung beans, vermiculatory vegetables, asparagus, spinach, cabbage, cabbage, pumpkin, bitter gourd, walnut, chestnut, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, Cabbage, rapeseed, cashew fruit, etc.In addition, the content of folic acid in animal liver such as chicken liver, pork liver, beef liver is also very high.

For green leafy vegetables, it is not advisable to buy a lot or place it for a few days to eat.For example, the newly picked spinach, under the temperature conditions of 20 ° C, stored in the unstoppable container and stored it for 4 days, the level of folic acid can be reduced by 50%.Therefore, it is best to buy green leafy vegetables, and the storage time should not be as good as possible for more than 2 days.Vegetables that can be eaten raw should be eaten raw.

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