What is the performance of cat pregnancy and what are the precautions?

I said to order my own experience, not comprehensive, you can refer to

The cats at home have given birth to a kitten not long ago, and the respondent also recorded the whole process.

1. I was sent to the hospital in advance for a few, and the due date to avoid panic.This is an important point.

2. Prepare the delivery room, diapers, small quilts, water, (cotton thread, scissors).Just use a carton for the delivery room. The cap is large, and the space is large. It is best to lie down two big cats.Simultaneous processing of small windows and doors is needed to prevent the kitten from climbing out. The windows are open and ventilated. It is also convenient for female cats to observe the external environment and not so nervous.Just spread diapers in the delivery room, and the quilts and other cats are paved after giving birth.At that time, the delivery room was panicked

3. Hold the cat in the delivery room after breaking the water, and she will start to work hard by herself.

4. Put the delivery room in a more hidden place. It is best to keep the whole process. Cat mothers usually give birth to themselves. They bite the umbilical cord by themselves and eat the placenta by themselves.If the diaper is soaked, you have to change it and keep the delivery room dry and clean, otherwise the milk cats are prone to ear mites and long flea.I was almost a little milk cat to change a diapers. The little milk cat was cleaned up and became furry. At this time, I could draw a diapers and spread it on the quilt.(Pay attention to changing diaper and you need to pick up the big cat and kitten, change it quickly and put it back, the operation of the two will be better.) The wet cat head is just born.

5. Encourage the cat’s mother halfway. She understands it, and the language is stroked. Afterwards, she will become more sticky and closer to you.You can also feed the cat’s mother, nutritional cream, etc.Mid -way you can also record the camera with a camera to record this unforgettable time.The cat mother who gave birth to a kitten encourages the cat mother

6. Each cat comes out for about 20 minutes, and has not come out after more than 40 minutes or even an hour. You must attract attention ⚠️. You need to use your hand to help.Just hurry up to the hospital.

7. Some people also say that they do n’t watch the whole process, and do n’t touch the little milk cat, otherwise the cat mother will take it away.In fact, the cat -raised cats are not at all. As long as you have a good relationship with the cat before you love cats and cats and love you.At least my family will not be. I watched the whole process, and the kitten was hugged at any time. The cat was bigger behind. The cat mother would take her and her baby to play with me.

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