What is the reason for leucorrhea yellowing?

Women’s leucorrhea yellow may be cervicitis or trichomoniac vaginitis. The yellow leucorrhea yellow is mainly caused by gynecological inflammation, or it may be caused by fire. Women should pay attention to personal hygiene and change their underwear., Try to pay attention to the correct nursing private parts, can effectively prevent leucorrhea yellowing problems. So, what is the reason for leucorrhea yellow?

What is the reason why leucorrhea yellow is yellow?

1. Chronic cervicitis: The yellowing of leucorrhea may be caused by cervicitis. Patients will have a little leucorrhea bloodshot, and abdominal pain will also occur.Symptoms can be diagnosed with chronic cervicitis through cervical examination.

2. Trichomonas vaginitis: Patients will have frequent urination and dysuria, and they will also be accompanied by abdominal pain and diarrhea. If they are diagnosed with trichomonas vaginitis, it is best to treat with sexual partners.Cross -infection, trichomoniasis vaginitis can be infected by cross -room, and common treatment can avoid this problem.

3. Moomal vaginitis: Moom infection can cause leucorrhea yellow. Patients will have tofu -like leucorrhea. The color of the leucorrhea is mostly pale yellow and pale green, and the vulva and vaginal itching will appear.In the phenomenon of ulcers, women try to avoid mold infections and do a good job of mold prevention.

How to improve the problem of leucorrhea yellowing

1. Women should pay attention to cleaning the private parts, maintain local cleaning, dry and refreshing underwear need to be changed frequently, and keep the private parts ventilated and breathable. Try to choose cotton underwear to improve the problem of leucorrhea yellowing. It can help inflammation.The treatment of potassium permanganate can be used to take a bath, which can effectively improve the problem of leucorrhea yellowing.

2. Try to be as light as possible, eat less spicy and greasy food, and often eat vegetables and fruits to accelerate the human body detoxification, improve the problem of leucorrhea yellowing, do not eat too much fried food, women try to eat less sweets as possible, sweets will be as much as possible.As a result, endocrine disorders can also lead to excessive levels of estrogen secretion. The light diet is as light as possible to improve leucorrhea yellow.

3. Actively treat primary diseases. You must understand which gynecological diseases are caused by leucorrhea yellow. Take appropriate treatment measures according to the condition to effectively improve the problem of leucorrhea yellow.The hospital conducts relevant examination and treatment to avoid delaying the treatment of gynecological diseases.

What is the reason for women’s leucorrhea yellow?Leucorrhea yellow may be caused by cervicitis, or it may be caused by trichomoniasis vaginitis. Patients will have symptoms of leucorrhea yellow, and itching of vulva will also occur. Keep good hygiene habits., Diet also needs to be light, eat less greasy food and sweets.

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