What is the reason why cattle often fart?What is going on often farting and how to treat it?look here

Dear friends, have you ever encountered the cow in the family in the process of raising cattle?If so, you can pay attention. The cow has been farting to show that there are some problems with the body of the cow. We have to solve it immediately, otherwise the minor illness will be dragged into a serious illness.Next, I will tell you what cows are often caused by farting and how to solve it.

1. Gastrointestinal fungus disorders

There is a problem with the gastrointestinal system of the cattle, such as the imbalance of gastrointestinal fungus, causing indigestion; for example, some foods that are not easy to digest, causing difficulties in gastrointestinal function and causing intestinal imbalances;I have problems and so on.

In short, for this situation, we must give Niu Jian stomach, regulate intestinal flora, etc., so that gastrointestinal function will return to normal as soon as possible. At this time, it can be used: the stomach is too guaranteed, containing a variety of traditional Chinese medicine and lactic acid bacteria such as Jiao Sanxian, Dragon Candida, and CunProbiotics and other probiotics such as Berbulus can strengthen the stomach, regulate the intestinal flora, and increase the appetite of cattle. The most important thing is safety and no side effects.Also remind everyone that when feeding cows, do not feed more indigestible foods such as beans, starch.

2. Erroys in production

The sound of the exhaust of the cattle and water door after production is very loud. We sound that we are farting. Our farmers say that this situation is blowing. When the cattle lay down, the water gate exhaustIt means that the situation is more serious.The cause of the yin blowing is that the operation during production is improper. When the delivery of the tools and the dysmenorrhea is not in place during delivery, the germs are brought into the uterus; there are also fetal clothes, and the uterine mouth cannot be closed for a long time;Damage to the cervix when cleaning, causing the cervical mouth contraction ability to weaken.These have all caused germs to invade the cow uterus, causing damage and inflammation to the cows’ uterine flora.

When we treat it, we will use 500 grams of supplemental qi to scatter once a day, plus 20 tablets of metronidazole, and use hydration to pour cows and feed them for five consecutive days.

At the same time, it also reminds us that when the cows are produced, they must take various measures. When giving birth, use the extermination of the Tai guarantee to disinfect the arms of the delivery tools and the midwife.Convenient, not only can the fetal jacket be able to clean up, but also to clean up the uterus.

3. Smooth muscle relaxation

This situation usually appears on the cows of pregnant cows. As the fetus becomes larger and larger, the space occupies in the abdominal cavity of the pregnancy cow is getting larger and larger.Not good, the folds formed at the water gate when lying on the stomach look like spherical, and often make a loud noise. Therefore, this situation is called a hanging ball, mainly due to the smooth muscle relaxation caused by the fetus.It is also more convenient to treat it. The cows are used to use the nourishment of Zhongyi qi. In addition, after the production, the cows are used to shrink the cow to shrink the cow to reduce the smooth muscle contraction of the cows.

The above is the three reasons that cause cows that often fart. If you feel useful, it will be easy to watch at any time.Pay attention to me, and I will answer difficult problems about breeding every day.

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