What is the reason why leucorrhea is less?

Leucorrhea is a kind of viscosity without odor and slightly acidic secretion of vaginal vagina, like a translucent egg white.What is the reason for the performance of leucorrhea women’s physiological period?Will little leucorrhea affect pregnancy?

What is the normal leucorrhea

Lands have a special effect on women, and leucorrhea secretion will vary from time to time.Generally, women’s leucorrhea will increase before menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy, and sexual excitement.Physiological leucorrhea is colorless and tasteless, and the appearance is like egg white, and it is a sticky liquid, and the leucorrhea will also change with the changes of the cycle. The amount of its amount will change with periodic changes.

What is the reason why there is less leucorrhea

Lare leucorrhea is caused by insufficient endocrine function, which is related to the decline of ovarian function and the low of sex hormone levels.It is common in patients with more abortion, long lactation time, long -term mental trauma, and various chronic diseases, such as chronic hepatitis, chronic nephritis, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and other patients.Lotid leucorrhea.

If the leucorrhea is significantly reduced or lacks, the vaginal dryness, burning pain, decreased sexual intercourse, discomfort or difficulty of sexual intercourse may occur, and can also be accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, weakness and weakness of lower limbs, and irritability.

Does less leucorrhea affect pregnancy?

There is no direct relationship between leucorrhea and pregnancy, which will not affect pregnancy.Pregnancy is related to ovulation. When calculating the ovulation period, you can judge the female ovulation period according to the changes in leucorrhea. The secretion of leucorrhea during ovulation during ovulation is to promote the combination of sperm penetration and eggs, that is, prepare for pregnancy.Lands in vain during ovulation are common phenomena, but not all people will have this phenomenon.The key to affecting whether to conceive is whether your eggs are discharged normally, not much leucorrhea.

Although small leucorrhea does not affect pregnancy, it is likely to be caused by other gynecological diseases, and primary diseases may affect women’s pregnancy.Therefore, if the leucorrhea is abnormal, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

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