What is the sound of making the ears pregnant?An anchor called "Lanlan" can tell you

After posting my own update video, I watched two live broadcast rooms that they were concerned about the anchor.Teacher Liangqiao Outdoor Live Dancing and Singing is still very lively.The praise is too fast, click to the next live room.A even more hi dancer attracted me.That is the dancer who imitates Mike Jackson dancing.Can’t help but stay.The image is almost the same as Jackson.Dance is also a painting.So lament: There are not a few people in Douyin!The time is 9:30, and the heart is in the heart: Isn’t Lanlan live?Intersection

Dare not neglect.Personally, I still feel that Lan Lan’s live broadcast should not be missed.Open your attention and find the Lanlan Live Room.It was enthusiastic.Lan Lan was wearing a rose denim, and she sang a nice love song in a handsome man.The applause on the public screen is really covered.

Some are asking: Where is Lanlan?how old are you?Ask if you get married?Lan Lan answered with a good temper.But Lan Lan’s answer is the reciprocity of high emotional quotient.She sang and answered in a playful words while watching the public screen.People can’t be angry.Because you still can’t figure out how old she gets married.

Lan Lan’s smile and her singing sound were so beautiful and nice.Some people say it is the voice of naturalness.Some people say that this sound allows the ears to be pregnant.

In short, Lanlan’s style is very unique.Yesterday she saw someone proposed that she would be broadcast live on your orange leather jacket tomorrow.Some people say that she wants to see her wearing a skirt.Lan Lan said that she didn’t like to listen to others to set a frame for himself. She was casual people at will. When she spoke, she shrugged, spread out with both hands, her eyebrows upturned, very playful and cute.

How can you bear to make her unhappy about such a lively and playful Lanlan?IntersectionLan Lan is originally a free and unruly personality.Listening to her song is a kind of enjoyment.

Today I listened to Lan Lan’s "The Storm of Love" and "Shadow theory".

After she sings the song, she will report the song name, and she will naturally tell you the understanding of the song.This is a rare benefit in other live broadcast rooms.And she will also talk about her own interesting things.This drives the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, and the relaxed and pleasant interaction makes people enjoy it.

She said that when she was filming the video, the recorder told her that this song was a sad breakup song, and she couldn’t laugh.Who said who said that she couldn’t smile with a breakup?IntersectionIt’s okay not to love everyone with a smile.Saying a smile and waved his hand, he turned around and he couldn’t figure it out!It feels like she is the person of the story!Immediately, she said, we are not allowed to say goodbye now!She said that all fans couldn’t say goodbye immediately.She is so playful!But I saw this quietly left the live room.I have to complete my writing task.

At 10 o’clock, I watched the Lanlan live room that had completed 1.42 million+ likes!This is worthy of being happy for her.This is also the embodiment of her personal charm and strength!When I write this, I will go to her live broadcast room to see.

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