What is the stomach pain after the same room?

Sexual life is a way for human reproduction and emotional exchanges, but sometimes discomfort symptoms occur, like stomach pain in the house.This situation is not uncommon, but it is easy to make people feel trouble and worry.So, what is the stomach pain after the same room?

1. Excessive stimulation of sexual organs

During the sexual behavior, the stimulus is more intense or long, especially for women, which can cause the inner wall, uterus, fallopian tube and other organs to be excessively stimulated and cause muscle tension and spasm, which cause abdominal discomfort and even pain.

2. Sexual communication infection

If safety measures (such as condoms) are not used during sexual behavior, they may transmit sexual diseases (STDs), such as gonococci and chlamydia.These bacterial infections can cause symptoms such as lower abdomen discomfort and increased secretions.

3. Sexual behavior during menstruation

During menstruation, due to the endometrium of the uterine, the cervix opens open. At this time, if sexual behavior is performed, bacteria will cause bacteria to enter the endometrium, causing infection and inflammation.

4. Other factors

The stomach pain after the same room may also be related to factors such as digestive tract problems, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts and other factors.

So how can we solve the problem of stomach pain after the same room?

1. Rest

If stomach pain occurs after the same room, it is recommended to rest for a while.Make your body fully rest and avoid overwork.

2. Paramount sexual life

Paralysis of sexual life for a period of time allows the body to be fully recovered.If there are infections such as STD, medical treatment needs to be performed.

3. Use a condom

Correct use of condoms can avoid problems such as STD and reduce stimulation and damage to sexual organs.

4. Adjust posture and rhythm

Properly adjusting the posture and rhythm in the process of sex can reduce the stimulation and oppression of the organs, thereby reducing the appearance of discomfort and pain.

5. Diet conditioning

In terms of diet, you can eat more foods rich in cellulose, vitamins and minerals, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain, etc. to promote health.

6. Keep good hygiene habits

Maintaining good hygiene habits can reduce the risk of infection.Women should clean up some secretions in the vulva in time after sex.

The stomach pain after the same room is not a big problem, but it cannot be taken lightly.Pay attention to proper rest and adjust sexual lifestyle to avoid excessive stimulation and infection.At the same time, maintaining good hygiene habits is also very important.If the situation is serious or unwell, please seek medical treatment in time.

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