What is the symptoms of Eryang?How to eat daily diet?One article understands prevention measures

① Keep a healthy diet to avoid accumulating heat in the body

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the cold caused by the wind and heat is the most vulnerable to people with heat and evil internal accumulation, such as people who often eat heavy oil and hot salt foods.

Suggestions: Diet should be light, keep the gastrointestinal clearing and prevent the gastrointestinal heat; for young and children with yang, eat less fast food and drink less carbonated drinks to avoid accumulating heat.

Chen Ming, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Department of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, introduced in an interview with a reporter from the Health Client of the People’s Daily. According to the current clinical situation, the main symptoms of Eryang are fever, cold, sore throat, systemic soreness, itchy, cough, cough, coughThere are no new symptoms.

Suggestions: Family can be appropriately reserved for cold medicines, antipyretic medicines and other drugs. Once the infection is infected, it is actively used to relieve the symptoms.When the body temperature is below 38.5 degrees, you can use more water, take more rest, and take cold medicine to relieve symptoms. Taking cooling drugs in time above 38.5, but you need to note that cold medicines, antipyretics, etc. should not be mixed or excessive.

Many netizens said that the initial symptoms of this round of infection are mostly manifested as sore throat and fever, and it is important to prepare drugs at home in advance to alleviate symptoms, such as cold spirit and ibuprofen.

When the National Health and Health Commission organized experts to answer questions related to the new crown "Eryang" infection, Liu Qingquan, Dean of the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, analyzed that many places now move from spring to summer.Increase.

After the second infection, the symptoms of wind and heat have symptoms, such as throat pain, mild cough, low fever, etc. The use of drugs for treating wind and cold is very effective, such as clearing heat, relieving wind, and throat drugs.Those who use these drugs will gradually disappear throughout their body symptoms.

② Adjust your emotions and keep your body and mind happy

At present, the toxicity of the new coronal virus has weakened, and the epidemic prevention policy has shifted from "prevention infection" to "health care and severe illness."Under the blessing of calmness and rational mentality, we should actively maintain physical and mental joy.

③ regular work and rest, avoid strenuous exercise

During the epidemic, we should actively regulate the rhythm of living and living, work regularly, and avoid staying up late, strenuous exercise, and physical effort.

Chen Ming, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Department of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, reminded in an interview with a reporter from the Health Client of the People’s Daily: "It is not recommended to restore exercise immediately after Eryang.Immunity, at this time, should be maintained to be good for the improvement of immune function. "

④ Do a good job of protection and try to avoid or reduce infection

Ordinary people are not good at yang. After the first sun, you can avoid "Eryang" as much as possible and reduce infection.In the scenes of poor air circulation and people around the symptoms of fever cough around, you should continue to protect yourself by wearing masks and handing hands.For key groups and fragile people, such as elderly people and people with basic diseases, we must strengthen protection.

The college entrance examination season and graduation season are approaching. Teachers and students in the school must also pay attention to their own health and strengthen protection. If symptoms occur in time, restore health as soon as possible, and avoid the spread of the crowd.

Source: News Morning News

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