What is wrong with pregnant women with fever?

What should I do if pregnant women have a fever?What medicine do pregnant women take fever?If pregnant women have a cold and fever, if the condition is too serious, it may affect the healthy development of the fetus.Therefore, it is irresistible to the cold and fever of pregnant women, but it is not possible to do not need medicine under any circumstances. Learn to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the drugs. The correct choice of antipyretics is king!

The impact of pregnant women with a cold and fever on fetal baby

As early as 60 years ago, people discovered that in the first three days of chicken embryo incubation, if the incubation temperature increased from 37.0 ° C by 1.2 ° C to 3.4 ° C, 90%of the chicken embryo occurred in the brain and spinal cord deformity.

Animal experiments of rats, rabbits and monkeys have also confirmed that high fever can lead to a variety of malformations.

People belong to constant temperature animals, and can only survive and reproduce at suitable temperatures. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, a series of physiological changes can be caused, especially in tissue such as embryonic cells.Essence

The harm of high fever to the fetus is the most obvious in the early stages of pregnancy.

In high temperature environments, physical harmful factors will kill the cells in the early embryo, which will stop developing the tissue, causing abnormalities, and severe embryo death.High fever has the most obvious harm to brain tissue. The body temperature rises by 1.5 ° C, and the fetal brain tissue stops developing. If it increases by 3 ° C, it can cause brain cell death, which will cause the fetus to be low in intelligence and poor learning memory and response ability.

The latest study also found that the fever of pregnant women can strengthen the teratogenic effects of other primers, such as sodium arsenic and vitamin A.

It is now believed that the main cause of the increasing incidence of congenital malformations during the period of world influenza epidemic and subsequent periods is not the direct harm of influenza virus to the fetus, but the result of the fever caused by the influenza of pregnant women.

Therefore, in order to reduce childhood deformed children, especially the central nervous system deformed children such as brainless, hydrocephalus, and small head deformity, pregnant women should pay attention to avoid infection with various fever diseases in the early pregnancy, avoid contact with various types of high temperatures.The environment does not do a heavy work with great labor intensity, does not participate in long -distance running and other intense sports competitions.

If the fever occurs and the body temperature exceeds 39 ° C, it should immediately take fast physical cooling.If you repeatedly wipe your body with a warm towel, place ice packs in the armpits, foreheads and groin.

No medicine is not advisable

After pregnancy, the enzymes of pregnant women have changed, and it has a certain impact on the metabolic process of certain drugs.Drugs are not easy to detoxify and excrete, and can accumulate poisoning. When the formation of tire organs in the early pregnancy, the drug has a certain effect on the fetus, so it is best not to take medicine for colds and fever.

But everything is divided into two. Pregnant women have certain risks, not completely unhelpful.The impact of some diseases on the fetus and mothers far exceeds the medicine. At this time, we should weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Under the guidance of a doctor, we should take reasonable medication.

Promoting drugs and disadvantages

Most of the anti -cold medicines are composite preparations, containing a variety of ingredients. Common fast -acting injury capsules, colds, Kangtaik, Baijiahe, Kangbi, Kangkang, Kuake, etc. Most of these medicines contain histamine, these medicines, etc.It should not be taken during pregnancy.

Especially before 4 weeks of pregnancy, the cold medicine is mainly symptomatic drugs. The cure is not cured. It is not safe for pregnant women. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should not use cold medicines.

1. Anti -virus.

All have adverse effects on the fetus. Pregnant women are not easy to use. If they must be used, they should be under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Retreat thermal medicine.

Colds are accompanied by high fever, and they are mostly heavier to see the doctor in a timely manner.Differential pain is a taboo drug for pregnant women. Aspirin is not suitable for 32 weeks of pregnancy.

3. Antibacterin.

If pregnant women have a cold, if there is no clear bacterial infection evidence, such as tonsillitis, high blood pressure, cough, yellow sputum, and luminic nose, no antibiotics can be used.Because antibiotics can act in the fetus through the placenta, 20%-40%possibilities are harmful to the fetus. Under the guidance of a doctor, choose safe antibiotics.

4, expectorant, cough medicine.

It is generally safe, but it is not suitable for pregnant women with cough medicines containing iodine preparations.

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