What kind of disease can cheap metronidazole be cured?Using the right is a treasure, it is wrong or harmful. Have you used the right?

Many people said with emotion. Now they have to squat down to buy medicines from the pharmacy. The more inconspicuous places, the more likely it is to hide cheap and easy -to -use medicine. Because these medicines have less profit, they will not be recommended to you.You point to buy.For example, metronidazole, it is only a dozen dollars a bottle. Don’t look at it very cheap, but can settle a variety of diseases.

However, don’t use it because it is cheap and easy to use. All medicines have indications and taboos. If you do not know clearly before use, it may also cause harm to the body.

These diseases can be placed with metronidazole

It is suitable for inflammation caused by anaerobic bacteria infection, such as gynecological inflammation, intestinal inflammation, oral inflammation, etc. The wide application range can be used with other drugs to play a greater role.However, it is essentially antibiotics, so it is not recommended that you use medicine to use it casually, and it is not recommended to use it for a long time to prevent drug resistance.

It can be treated with gynecological diseases, such as viscous leucorrhea, white strap with odor or blood wire, often backache and abdominal pain, etc., especially titured vaginitis. The sterilization effect is better.In addition, pelvic inflammatory disease and fallopianitis can also be used to relieve it.

Friends who often have toothache should be familiar with metronidazole. It is just like "life -saving medicine". Every time I take medicine, the pain can be relieved, because there are many anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, especially in the seams and gum bags.It is easy to pain if it is not clean.In addition, it can also be relieved after tooth extraction and oral ulcers.

When the pain is relieved, the medicine should be stopped, and you must go to the dental department in time to clean your teeth regularly. Otherwise, the number of dental stones will increase and increase the number of medicines.

Overseas cavity infections, such as peritonitis, pydogenesis, liver abscess, appendicitis, etc., can also use medications to prevent infection and prevent bacteria from proliferating in the body to aggravate the disease.

The right is a treasure, it is wrong or harmful, metronidazole cannot be eaten randomly

Xiao Zhao is a sophomore student. He has a wisdom teeth often inflammation. He just hurts for a few days, but this time it hurts for a week, so he bought a bottle of metinazole.Although the Yaoya did not hurt for a few days, he had dizziness and unstable walking. Later, he went to the hospital for examination with the help of a roommate.

The doctor found that he was a metronidazole brain disease. Fortunately, he didn’t take much, and the symptoms would disappear in a few days after stopping the medicine.The other patient was much more serious. Since the toothache, he has been eating metronidazole for half a year. The patient clearly finds that his memory has deteriorated, often dizzy, and the language ability is not smooth.

Because the patient took a long time, it took more than three months to slowly improve.

Therefore, you must understand clearly before taking it. Once a bad reaction occurs, you should stop taking it.Taking metronidazole for a long time will damage the nervous system, such as unstable gait, vomiting, poor memory, etc., although adverse reactions will disappear after the drug discontinuation, but if the dose is too large to cause irreversible damage to the nerves, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage, then then it will cause irreversible damage. Then thenRegret it.

The four side effects of metronidazole must

Hurt the liver

The drug component requires liver breakdown. Some people have taken the medicine by themselves because of their toothache or vaginitis. They feel that the symptoms are good when they feel that the symptoms will be stopped. The symptoms will continue to take it.Sales, thereby bringing liver toxicity.


The case of Xiao Zhao above is a typical nerve damage. No matter how cheaper the drug is, it is necessary to pay attention to the side effects. Even if the drug is discontinued, it will bring risks to the brain nerves.Suddenly abnormal nerve function during testing, driving, and exercise may cause an illusion to cause accidents.


It can be used for two days at the beginning of the toothache, but it may take longer to take a longer medication time after half a year or one year. In fact, it is resistant to drugs.Essence

Gastrointestinal discomfort

This is a relatively common adverse reaction. Some people are more sensitive to the stomach. After taking the medicine, they may feel nauseous. If the symptoms are not serious, you can observe first. If you cause strong discomfort, you can consult a doctor to change other drugs.

Especially women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, and people with abnormal liver and kidney function, are best disabled metronidazole.

Can you drink after eating metronidazole?


Drinking alcohol after eating metronidazole is as suicide, because the drug component will inhibit the hanging enzymes in the body. At the same time, alcohol enlarge the vascular expansion and the intestinal absorption rate. At this timeIt will soon fall, dizziness, drowsiness, and unable to think and speak.

At this time, walking, driving, and cycling are very dangerous, which pose a threat to the lives and property of themselves and others.Previously, a man ate metronidazole and was shouted by a friend to drink. After the end, he felt dizzy. Fortunately, he stopped a taxi and fainted in the car.Essence

In addition, hypoglycemic drugs, sleeping pills, analgesic drugs, antidepressants, cephalosporin drugs, etc. None of them can be taken with wine.It is only insurance interval for a week.

No matter how cheap or expensive it is, it can help people solve the disease, but if it is wrong, it will cause big trouble to the body.Read, eat it in your heart, and don’t eat it after the symptoms improve.

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