What kind of medicine to have a miscarriage

Disease abortion, also known as "drug flow", is suitable for women who have discontinued within 49-56 days and no more than 40 years old.Although the drug flow is simple, effective, and non -traumatic, it is also dangerous, which may lead to major bleeding and cardiovascular diseases, so they must be implemented under the guidance of a doctor.

The current commonly used aborted drugs are Mepatone (RU 486) and the joint application of prostaglandin.But the drug flow has relatively large side effects.Because the drug itself belongs to hormones, it will affect the hormone level of the body itself, causing hormone level disorders, which can cause irregular menstruation.The biggest side effect is to easily cause abortion, need to surgery in the palace, or cause secondary infertility.

How to take abortion medicine

After 2 hours of emptiness or eating, take 25mg in the ocean, once in the morning and evening, take three days in a total of three days. On the fourth day of the morning, oral Meso’s front glycol tablets 600ug (200ug/tablet).

Generally, after the macyehydone tablets and the frontol tablets of Moruscel, about 2-3 days; the embryo sacs in the uterine cavity can be discharged, and the moltic tissue in the uterus often can slowly discharge in about 2 weeks.

The best time for drug flow

Drug flow refers to the early pregnancy of the anterior glycolic drugs (rice non -ketone tablets).The former caused the uterine molt degeneration necrosis and softened the cervix, and the latter contracted the uterus and promoted the excretion of the embryo.Selecting drug abortion within 49 days of pregnancy, the side effects of drug abortion are relatively small, so this time is the best period of drug abortion.

It usually takes three to four days to terminate accidental pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, it takes four days for the medication time for drug abortion. The empty stomach is empty. The first three days and evening in the morning and evening, the fourth day is taken every three tablets.Generally, the first three days did not feel. On the fourth day, the pain was more severe after taking the medicine.

The time for drug abortion is not only long, but also takes about 2 weeks after the drug abortion. After the abortion of the drug, pay attention to observing the vaginal bleeding. Once the vaginal bleeding amount is greater than the usual menstrual flow or accompanied by other discomfort, you must go to the hospital in time.So as not to cause unnecessary trouble for physical health.

How long can I do a drug flow?

When is the best time for drug flow?If you are pregnant for more than 49 days, the pregnancy sac in the uterus will gradually grow, and the longer the pregnancy time, the larger the pregnancy sac.Therefore, the drug cannot completely discharge the pregnancy sac, and it is easy to cause major bleeding. Once more than 49 days, it is not recommended to use the drug flow.During the period of drug flow, there will be a certain adverse reaction, nausea, abdominal pain, and a few women will also have spasm abdominal pain, which will have a certain impact on health.Therefore, painless abortion surgery is also a good choice.Of course, the abortion of drugs does have its own advantages, but do not miss the best time for drug abortion.

In addition, young first pregnant women or unpaid women; heart -liver, kidney, reproductive, endocrine system diseases, tobacco and alcohol habit;Pregnant women who are in the history of palace, pregnant women who are in postpartum breastfeeding, uterine malformations, or merged uterine fibroids are not suitable for medicinal flow.Therefore, if accidental pregnancy is found, it is recommended to have painless abortion.

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