What reaction prompts are ovulation in the practical guide of pregnancy?

Presumably the women who see this article want to know their ovulation reactions. If these are found, they will immediately "convene" her husband to prepare in the same room.Therefore, most pregnant couples know the importance of ovulation.But some ovulation symptoms are not so obvious, which requires you to observe it carefully.If you want to know what reactions, let’s continue to look down.

Feeling ① The lower abdomen is painful and swollen

As we all know, only the follicle matures will break, and the eggs will be discharged normally at this time. At this time, a woman will have a sense of discomfort, such as pain and swelling in the lower abdomen.In this case, the duration is generally relatively short. If it is long, it will be a day or two, and there is no harm to the body, but if it hurts, then you need to see a doctor.

Feeling ② breast bloating pain appears

When the follicles in the body are mature, the level of estrogen at this time will increase, which will stimulate the breast catheter and be congested. At this time, women will have a breast bloating and pain, and this will feel during pregnancy. Everyone will feel. Everyone will feel.Be sure to distinguish.

Feeling ③ There are more leucorrhea than usual

During pregnancy, women can bring both the ovulation period through white, or to distinguish whether the pregnancy can be distinguished by white, so we must be clear about the importance of leucorrhea.When the pregnant women are close to the ovulation, the estrogen in the body will rise. At this time, the secretions flowing from the vagina will be more than usual, and the color is relatively light and transparent.The breeding situation will last for two or three days.

Feel ④ The body temperature is slightly high

Another situation is that the basic body temperature will be relatively high. Generally, the temperature will increase by 0.3-0.5 degrees after ovulation. Because the temperature is not obvious, many expectant mothers have not noticed it. If you want to determine whether you ovulate, you need to stick to it every day.Temperature measurement is easier to find ovulation day.

Feel ⑤ symptoms of mild bleeding

This situation is called "bleeding during ovulation" clinically. When the follicles are ruptured, the estrogen in women’s body will have a short decline. At this timeCause bleeding, but the amount is not much, and the bleeding time is not long. Don’t be too nervous.

These situations will not only have women with stable menstruation, and there will be women with disorders of menstrual disorders. It may be easier for the former to find the right. Although the latter is not easy to find the ovulation period, it can be determined by detecting ovulation, and the efficiency will be higher.

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