What should be paid attention to in diet or daily life in the early stages of pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is a very prone to abortion. We usually say that the early stages of pregnancy generally refers to the first three months of pregnancy.

So at this stage you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Don’t have the same room

At this stage, the embryo is unstable and is prone to miscarriage. Therefore, when you are pregnant, it is recommended not to be too happy at this stage. You can wait until the same room in the middle of pregnancy.

2. Persist in adding 0.4mg folic acid tablets every day

At this stage, the fetal nerve tube is split and fast. Folic acid can prevent diseases such as neurooth tubular malformations. If you do not supplement during pregnancy, you must make up at this stage!

3. Don’t eat and drink

Many mothers are pregnant, and the elderly in the family treat the queen. The weight must also rise sharply. In fact, for pregnant mothers who have weight before pregnancy, it is best to control it at 1-2kg in the early pregnancy. Do not increase it.Too much, don’t increase.

In fact, nutritional intake is the same as before pregnancy. There is no need to eat too much, nor do you need to supplement any additional nutrients.You only need to change the bad habits of life, irregular diet and irregularities!

4. Tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol have obvious toxic effects on all stages of embryonic development, which can easily cause abortion, premature birth and fetal malformations.

Moms with smoking and drinking habits must quit smoking and alcohol, stay away from the smoking environment to avoid second -hand smoke.

5. Pay attention to rest

Mom’s good rest habits actually affect the fetal and rest habits after birth, so not only for the mother’s body, but also for the baby to develop good sleep habits in the future, they should sleep regularly.

6. Don’t do strenuous exercise

If you have exercise habits, pregnant mothers who often do mechanical exercise, if there are no professional guidance, do not do this stage, you can change to aerobic exercise, such as yoga, jogging, fast walking, etc., to avoid abortion.

7. Relieve pregnancy

Due to the impact of hormones in the early pregnancy, many mothers have a pregnancy reaction, resulting in a bad appetite. Therefore, mothers can understand the following methods of alleviating pregnancy to prepare from time to time.

1. Choose digestive foods: such as steamed buns, bread and other foods quickly, and the stay in the gastrointestinal tract is short, which is not easy to cause pregnancy;

2. Avoid spicy condiments: Avoid spicy and irritating condiments such as pepper, green onions, ginger, garlic.

3. Choose a light cooking method: it should be steamed, boiled, stewed, cold, and water to avoid fried, fried, smoked, and roasted.

4. Eat less meals: can reduce the time of food stay in the gastrointestinal tract, you can change three meals a day to five meals a day.

5. Chewing slowly: The food in the stomach needs to become a even -sized beef.If you swallow a large piece of food, you need to shrink and relax the stomach to make the food become a even granules, which can easily cause oral vomiting.

6. It is not advisable to lie down immediately after meals: you can take a walk to reduce vomiting caused by gastric acid reflux.

7. Keep the ventilation environment: avoid oil fume.

8. Supplement B vitamins under the guidance of doctors: Portom B6 is commonly used clinically to treat early pregnancy reactions. Vitamin B6 can only be used only when the symptoms of vomiting appear, 10 milligrams at a time, 3 times a day.However, pregnant women should not use vitamin B6 as antivirus. Long -term use will make fetal production dependence. After birth, it is prone to adverse reactions such as excitement, anxiety, and easily frightened.

9. If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, it cannot be eaten at all. It is recommended to supplement 150g of glucose every day.

8. Others

If there is severe pain and bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time to avoid major bleeding and lead to danger of life.

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