What should I do after discovering accidents after pregnancy?Doing this is good for the fetus and pregnant women

Xiao An didn’t want the second child, but the menstruation was not delayed. She was not assured. She bought the early pregnancy test paper test and found that she was two bars. Later, she went to the hospital for blood testing.Xiao An said that she was not ready to have a second child. This child came to an accident. After discussing with her family, because of the policy permit, since she was pregnant, the family supported Xiao An to leave the child.Enjoy the process of being a mother again.

There is no pregnancy but accidental pregnancy. This kind of thing is very common. Because there is no ideological preparation, some people may feel embarrassed. For children, they have different choices, but they should try not to hurt their bodies and spirit.

If you decide not to choose the way to end pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.

If you decide to leave your child, pay attention to the following things.

Generally, folic acid should be taken in advance when preparing pregnancy, because folic acid can promote the development of the fetal brain, and generally do not take folic acid in advance of accidental pregnancy, but it is not too late to find that pregnancy.Essence

Ectopic pregnancy refers to the adequate pregnancy that does not bed in the uterus, but starts to develop in the fallopian tube or other places. Severe ectopic pregnancy may lead to danger of life in pregnant women.See if it is an ectopic pregnancy, if so, take timely measures to avoid danger after a long time.

In the first trimester, it refers to the first three months of pregnancy. This stage is the stage of fertilized eggs and embryo development. The placenta has not yet matured, the embryo is fragile, and it is not unstable.It can cause abortion.So try to avoid it.

There is no need to replenish high nutrients in the early pregnancy, because the fetus is very small at pregnancy, and no additional nutrients need to be added. From the middle of the pregnancy to the third trimester, it is necessary to increase the intake of protein.

However, there are still differences between diet and non -pregnancy during pregnancy. Diet should be regular. Drink milk every day. Diet should be reasonable. Breakfast should be eaten well. Do not eat too much or too late for dinner.

Generally, unexpected pregnancy is not mentally prepared, and family planning does not have this arrangement. If you decide to stay, you must start re -planning from the long -term planning of the family and your own career. If it is a second child, you stillTo choose a reasonable timing, to inform Dabao’s news that he will have a younger brother or sister.

In short, a new life coming unexpectedly is a major event for expectant mothers and other family members. It is important to deal with correctly.

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