What should I do during pregnancy want to do "that thing", what should I do?

After the spread of various textbooks and information, most parents know that they cannot have the same room after pregnancy. However, the latest research proves that it is completely possible to correctly do the "thing" during pregnancy.

"That incident" can promote the feelings between husband and wife. Many expectant mothers are worried that in October, she should worry about whether her husband can withstand loneliness and feel tired in the ideological struggle of doing and not.In fact, it is not necessary to say that it cannot be in the same room at all, but it is necessary to do not have the same room in the early pregnancy period.

What are the benefits of doing that during pregnancy?

1. Doing "that thing" correctly during pregnancy can promote the secretion of expectant mother’s happy hormones. When the expectant mother reaches that happiness, the baby can feel that he will be very happy, and it can also make the skin of pregnant women more shiny.

2. A moderate amount of health during pregnancy can help give birth. Studies have proved that pregnant women who have lived in 40 weeks of pregnant women have a higher than 6.7%higher than those who have not been done.Remove.

What should I pay attention to when doing that during pregnancy?

Although there can be in the same room in the middle of pregnancy, there are still many precautions. The most important thing is the following points. Everyone needs to pay attention.

It is still necessary to avoid within 1-3 months of pregnancy. At this time, the placenta and uterine adhesion is not particularly firm. At this time, if the action is too large or the irritation is too high, it can easily cause the placenta to fall off and cause abortion.

For 4-6 months of pregnancy, you can have the same room properly, but pay attention, the prospective dad should not press the abdomen of the pregnant woman, do not move rude, and the posture must be correct, otherwise it is easy to have a miscarriage.

7-9 months in the second trimester cannot be in the same room, otherwise it will lead to premature birth.As long as there is no abortion, the same room itself does not affect the fetus.

Everything must be determined according to the situation of the pregnant woman itself. This article is only from the scientific research results data. It is not suitable for everyone. "That thing" is done and not done during pregnancy. It depends on the actual situation.

Finally, to say a word to the prospective dad: It is not easy for a woman to have a child. She must give her confidence during pregnancy, making her feel happy and safe, and dispel the worries about your wife’s fear of derailment.

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