What should I do if I always vomit pregnancy?Dedicated to the mothers’ vomiting small recipes!

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Although pregnancy is a happy thing, not only can there be a testimony of two people’s love, but also to make your family more complete, but the biggest annoyance during pregnancy is vomiting.If you eat what you eat, you will not say what you vomit, it will be drowsy every day, very uncomfortable.Although this is a very common phenomenon, it will disappear in about three months, but some women still think that this reaction will cause trouble for themselves.

Then I will introduce some small methods to the expectant mothers, hoping to reduce some troubles to women who are pregnant.

The first point: avoid

There are many things that do not eat or eat less during pregnancy, such as greasy things, or spicy things, which will not only affect physical health, but also aggravate the symptoms of vomiting.If vomiting often affects its own appetite, but also affects the fetus absorption of nutrition.

Second point: eat less meals

Try not to eat too much when eating, so as not to feel full, so eat a few more meals a day to achieve less meals.

Third point: smell

It is best to keep cooking at home and cooking at home. Do not let the pregnant woman smell the greasy taste, otherwise it will also occur in pregnancy.In addition, in addition to the smell of cooking and cooking, don’t approach if you have other tastes that you don’t like, stay away from the taste that you can’t stand, otherwise it will exacerbate the symptoms of vomiting.

Fourth point: lemon

The taste of lemon is fresh, so women with symptoms of pregnancy may wish to put a lemon next to the head, and it should be fresh!When you get up early in the morning, you can breathe the smell it emitted, not only you can have a good mood, but also a better mental state.

Fifth point: Drink plenty of water

Drinking more hot water has a lot of benefits, which can not only replenish the body with sufficient water, but also promote the body’s metabolism.In addition, a large amount of water can reduce the concentration of hormones in the blood, and physical discomfort will slowly reduce it.

Sixth point: get up early to eat apples

Eating an apple in the morning can alleviate the disgusting situation, and can also keep the intestines smooth and prevent constipation.

Seventh point: Drink honey water

You can put honey on the bedside before going to bed at night. It is best to contain a spoonful of honey in your mouth before getting up.This is not only conducive to intestinal laxative, but also reduces the number of vomiting.

Eighth point: appropriate exercise

Pregnancy does not have to nest in the home, but to exercise in an appropriate amount, such as taking a walk or doing yoga.Walking in fresh air, the symptoms of nausea will be reduced a lot.

Of course, if you occasionally want to vomit, you can use some small methods or diverting attention to reduce the symptoms, you can let go.However, if it is vomiting or even threatening life, it is likely to be caused by the disease. We must go to a regular hospital for examination in time.


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