What should I do if I am calcium deficiency in pregnancy?Pregnant women can be useful for these 5 points of calcium!

During pregnancy, women will lose a lot of calcium, so many pregnant women will have this situation, such as the symptoms such as calf muscle spasm and convulsions, especially at night.However, when it is severe, it can also cause osteoporosis and bone softness.Especially in the late pregnancy period, it will lead to congenital pheasant disease and calcium deficiency convulsions of newborns. The bones of newborns will develop poorly and teething is relatively late. Therefore, the consequences of calcium deficiency are very serious. Pregnant women should also supplement calcium appropriately during pregnancy.

According to a survey of the Chinese Nutrition Society, pregnant women’s daily calcium absorption should reach 1200-1500 mg, but the daily absorption of most expectant mothers calcium is far lower than this standard. The fetal demand for calcium is mainly concentrated in pregnancy.All women during pregnancy, especially women with hypertension during pregnancy, should start from 20 weeks of pregnancy until the end of pregnancy.So how do pregnant women healthy calcium supplement?

1. Drink milk products

Such as: milk, yogurt, cheese, etc., milk and dairy products are the main sources of calcium, and fermented yogurt is more conducive to calcium absorption

2. Some fish

Such as sardines and silver fish, it is recommended to eat fish 2-3 times a week to provide N-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that have an important role in the development of the fetus.

3. Green vegetables

Such as spinach, broccoli and other vegetables are rich in calcium, but pay attention to spinach, white white, and chives that contain more oxalic acid, soak it with hot water for a while to dissolve the oxalic acid to avoid combining calcium -containing foods into insoluble calcium oxalate

4. Supplement vitamin D

Calcium supplementation during pregnancy cannot be ignored by vitamin D.Because the main function of vitamin D is to determine the absorption of intestinal calcium ions, maintain bone calcium density, and maintain blood calcium concentration balance.It can promote the absorption of calcium and the renovation of calcium by small intestine, and can effectively deposit calcium on the bones.Without vitamin D, calcium cannot be effectively absorbed; if vitamin D is lacking, even if calcium supplementation, the body will cause calcium deficiency due to low calcium absorption rate.

5. Take calcium tablets

Pregnant women can supplement according to different characteristics of the pregnancy cycle.However, calcium is easy to combine with oxalic acid, acid, etc., which affects the absorption of calcium. Therefore, the best time for calcium supplementation should be before and between two meals.Pay attention to a period of time to sleep. It is best to rest for half an hour after dinner, because the concentration of blood calcium is the lowest in the middle of the night and morning, which is most suitable for calcium supplementation.

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