What should I do if I am pregnant?Seven major precautions that marry the ball

The society is now very open, and unmarried pregnancy is a common thing.As long as the prospective parents have a mature mentality and understand the responsibility of "family", it is even more happy!

In our traditional culture, there is a saying that it cannot be disclosed within 3 months of pregnancy, but Xiaobian suggested that the bride inform the weddings as much as possible in advance, so that they have good attention and preparation.

The following is some precautions that Xiaobian should pay attention to the newcomers who are pregnant. I believe that to keep these small details, it will definitely make the wedding more complete!

1. Wedding time

First of all, because their wedding time is very clever ~

Best marriage time during pregnancy: 2 to 4 months after pregnancy

In the 2 to 4 months of pregnancy, the stomach will hardly change too much, so basically how beautiful you can come.

For example, our power and Liu Kaiwei, in fact, I have been pregnant for three months during the wedding ~

However, the first three months of pregnancy is also the most unstable period, so you must rest more, go to the hospital for examination, take good care of yourself and your baby, and rest assured to give it to your husband ~

Second, the belly needs to be tied to red line

It is recommended that the bride can tie a red line on the stomach on the day of the wedding, which means isolation of the baby and the new person’s joy to ensure that the baby will not be hit by joy or dirt.

Third, marry a black umbrella

Because the bride is the biggest on the day of marriage, it must avoid fighting with heaven. Usually, if you are not pregnant, you will take red umbrellas or rice sieves. The bride who is pregnant will take a black umbrella to "see the sky" to resolve it.

Fourth, the wedding car, the bride needs to sit on the baby’s back towel

On the wedding car, the bride needs to sit on the baby’s back towel, and to avoid turbulence after sitting.Representative babies will follow the mother to marry her husband’s house in the stomach.In addition, you can also prepare some infant supplies as dowry. After arriving at the husband’s house, put it in the wardrobe of the new house, and you can use it after the baby is born.

5. Pregnant bride should not be over the brazier

In some places, the customs are the bride to cross the flame when they come to the man’s house.However, pregnancy brides should not be over the flames, because there is a saying that when the flames will be burned to the fetal god, they will leave a mark. The second is that when the bride over the flames, they are afraid that it will be dangerous and affect the fetus.

6. Advanced houses, sacrifice ancestors again

Generally, after the bride arrives at the man’s house, there will be a brazier, then ancestor sacrifice, to give tea to the father -in -law, and finally enter the room.But if the bride is pregnant, the order will change.The pregnant bride must be directly advanced after arriving at the man’s house, and then comes out to worship ancestors.It should be noted that the father -in -law and aunt before entering the room must avoid it.

7. Do not let people sit on the bed in a new bed

When you enter the house, the bride usually has a married person to accompany him, but pay attention to the new bed and remember not to let people take the bedside, because the fetal god will follow the new house, don’t move the items in the new house, you may be angry with the fetal god.

If the bride who is already pregnant, remember to tell the service staff of the photography and dresses, they will notice that they should not tie needle and cut the head on your body, because in terms of customs, they will hurt the fetus.Even tea will pay special attention!

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