What should I do if I am pregnant?What should I do if I have to give birth when I am pregnant?

1. Don’t treat yourself as a victim

Why not treat yourself as a victim, this is because if you are a victim, you will determine that you have no power to fight against Primary Three.In addition, putting yourself in the position of the victim, it is easy to want to win the sympathy of the outside world. In the case of losing rationality, it is easy to raise your husband’s derailment. At that time, everyone knows that the Primary Three will have children.

And men attach great importance to their image.It is also secretly looking for Primary School after a man’s marriage, so once you destroy his image and preach his deeds. Once he reveals that he may break the jar, he may even take the initiative to say that you are not, and propose divorce to indicate that he is the victim.Position.Therefore, in the face of her husband’s derailment, Xiaosan has children. First of all, we must have self -confidence at this time, and we have the ability to deal with it.

2. Don’t treat him too much

The husband was derailed, and the original match often had a misunderstanding. When he found that his husband was derailed, he was not good at him.In fact, in his opinion, it is only at the default derailment, and it may even intensify.

Now that Primary Three has a child with a child, it has endangered your status. If you do n’t shoot at this time, and choose to be unknown, wait until Primary Three gave birth to a child, and a man may eventually choose not to divorce because of your "enlightenment", and you can keep it.This marriage, but in the next few decades, you may have to bear the painful days of your husband’s derailment.

Therefore, don’t be better to him because your husband derails. You should have your own position and principles. First, communicate with him his recent performance and your doubts.At the same time, you should maintain your own life, take care of yourself, not crying, no quarrel, and live a good life, let him know that you can live a wonderful life even if he has no other.

3. Specific analysis of specific issues

There is no doubt that the man is derailed and has a child with Xiaosan. Of course, it is his fault, but we also have to think about the reason for his derailment.

There are many reasons for extramarital affairs. You may wish to find time with him to sit down and communicate well, talk calmly about your problems, and then analyze and solve it.Not only can he end his absurd relationship with Primary Three as soon as possible, but also improve the relationship between you, heat up the relationship, and greatly reduce the possibility of the other party derailment again.

Only by solving the fundamental problem of your marriage can you make your husband and Xiao San clear the boundaries. In addition, it is particularly troublesome that Xiao San has children. This is difficult to deal with.Success, timely consult the professional discrete junior expert!

I am Primary Three to retire. Our job is not to persuade Xiao San or to guide customers online. Instead, through our team’s contact with Xiao San, let men see Xiao San’s true face and make Xiao San and men break up.This is the most effective way to drive away Primary Three.If you encounter a primary three in your marriage, please contact me in time. We will always escort your marriage.

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