What should I do if I can’t sleep well during pregnancy?Experts introduce pregnant women’s sleeping position and some sleep tips

Everything should be cautious during pregnancy. After all, in this period of time, in addition to paying attention to protecting their physical health, women need to pay attention to the health and safety of the fetus in their abdomen, otherwise it is easy to accidentally occur.Even if you sleep, you need to pay more attention. Many women can’t sleep on the side during pregnancy. On the one hand, it is because it is uncomfortable to hold a big belly, and on the other hand, it is because they choose the sleeping position they choose.And if the sleeping position is not good, it will not only affect your sleep quality, but also hurt your baby.

Lying on your stomach

The last sleeping position that cannot be adopted during pregnancy is to sleep on his stomach. After all, your belly is very large during pregnancy. In this case, if you sleep on your stomach, you will definitely press your belly.It will have a great impact, and may even cause the fetus to suffocate or death.And for pregnant women itself, sleeping on her stomach will feel very uncomfortable, so in general, pregnant women will not use such a sleeping position.

Lying down and sleeping

Lying flat and sleeping will not hurt much of the fetus in the abdomen, but it is not very suitable for pregnant women. When most pregnant women lie down, they will have a feeling of being pressed., It can even affect your breathing, and there will be some adverse effects on the gastrointestinal digestive system.This is mainly because under this sleeping position, the fetus in the abdomen is on himself, and the fetus has always been pressed by himself, which will inevitably bring discomfort to himself, which will have some adverse effects on the quality of sleeping for pregnant women.

Sleep on the side

For pregnant women, sleeping on the side can be said to be the most suitable sleeping position, but it is necessary to pay more attention to whether it is left or right.Many people say that sleeping on the right side is better for pregnant women. This is mainly because the heart is on the left side. If you sleep on the left side for a long time, there will be some oppression on the heart, which is not good for your health.But in fact, this is not very important for pregnant women. Choosing to sleep on the left or sleeping on the right side is the position of the fetus in the abdomen.

This can make a rough judgment through the activity of the fetus in the abdomen on weekdays, and try to avoid letting the fetus face down, or the head facing down, so that the fetus in the abdomen can be honest when you sleep.Otherwise, the posture of the fetus in the abdomen is not right. When you sleep, the fetus will easily move, which will cause pregnant women to feel uncomfortable when sleeping, so that it will affect their sleep quality.

However, there are some pregnant women who feel that their abdomen falls more seriously when they sleep on the side, and they feel that they are not very comfortable. At this time, when you can try to lie on the side, put a pillow on the side of the belly, so that your big belly is placed on the pillow on the pillowIn this way, you can reduce your discomfort and make your sleep more comfortable.

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