What should I do if I can’t sleep when I am pregnant

What do you think is the hardest during pregnancy?Breast vomiting is a one, you can get one heart, frequent urine, and insomnia is even more.

When it comes to insomnia, I really feel deeply. The feeling is really uncomfortable. I ca n’t sleep when I turn around and go. I ’m looking at mobile phones all night. At 1 am, 1:30 am, 3 am, moreThe more sober, the head turned over to 5.6 points. Finally, he could fall asleep, but the biological clock of the body woke me up at 7.8 in the morning.

Then it was dizzy all day long.

Some pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable when they sleep, and they can’t sleep when they are over and over. In fact, during the different periods of pregnancy, the sleeping position is also different. At this time, if the sleeping position of the pregnant mother is incorrect, it can easily affect sleep.Therefore, in order to have a good sleep, the pregnant mother should try to adjust the sleeping position as much as possible while sleeping.

In the middle of pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant mother will slowly bulge. At this time, the pregnant mother who likes to lie on the back may gradually feel that the abdomen is oppressed. In order to protect the abdomen from being oppressed and not affecting sleep, the pregnant mother is sleeping.You can take a side sleeping position.In the third trimester, pregnant mothers can choose to sleep on the left side, which can not only correct the right rotation of the uterus, but also ensure the blood supply and support of the fetus.

During pregnancy, a sufficient rest can be said to be very important. In order to avoid tiredness and make the fetus grow and develop better, many pregnant mothers will rest for a while during the day, but sometimes it is inevitable to sleep.And leading to insomnia at night.Therefore, pregnant mothers may wish to reduce sleep during the day, so that at night, they won’t worry about being unable to sleep.

Many expectant mothers may insomnia at night because of the pressure during pregnancy. Usually, we may wish to communicate with family and friends, talk about more happiness, and usually let the family go shopping with themselves and choose some babies.When clothes or daily necessities, when you are okay at home, you can listen to some gentle music and relieve the pressure in your heart.

The reason why pregnant mothers have insomnia may be caused by the sleep environment. Some pregnant mothers like to open the doors and windows when they sleep at night.The windows enter the bedroom. If the pregnant mother is lying on the window while sleeping, the wind blows in and it is easy to get sick. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, the doors and windows should be closed at night.

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