What should I do if I check the pregnancy hypertension during pregnancy?

Although the medical technology is developed now

But still cannot fundamentally prevent hypertension during pregnancy

Once I was detected after pregnancy, I had this disease

How should I do it?

DR.G: Once the safety of pregnant women and fetuses is threatened, the safety of pregnant women should be considered first.

Only when pregnant women are safe, the fetal safety can be guaranteed.It is not easy to get pregnant. No one wants to give up easily, but pregnant mothers must not take their own lives as bets. They should listen to the doctor’s suggestion to take measures.

The focus of pregnancy hypertension

压 Hypertension during pregnancy: For the first time after 20 weeks of pregnancy, hypertension, systolic blood pressure ≥140 mmHg and (or) diastolic pressure ≥90mmHg, returning to normal within 12 weeks after giving birth; urine protein detection negative.

压 The hazards of hypertension during pregnancy: small vascular spasm of the whole body, endothelial injury and local ischemia, reduction of various organs of all systems of the whole body, causing harm to mothers and children, and even killed mothers.

的 Symptoms of pregnancy hypertension: dizziness, headache; blurred vision, decreased vision; dullness, confusion in thinking; severe edema; pain in the liver area; chest pain, etc.

压 Precautions for hypertension during pregnancy: During pregnancy, monitoring weight, blood pressure, urine protein, and whole body edema, early detection, early diagnosis, and early intervention.

有 In the third trimester, pregnant women with hypertension for pregnancy are prone to various complications, so it is more important to pay more attention to the production examination than ordinary healthy pregnant women ~

在Ah pregnancy hypertension must be controlled strictly when you are severe!After the diagnosis, comply with the prescription for medication prescribed by the doctor in accordance with the specific circumstances.

事 Precautions for diet: control total energy intake; reduce fat intake, eat less sugar and high cholesterol content; increase high -quality protein; reduce salt intake; supplement sufficient calcium, magnesium, zinc, andThe intake of trace nutrients such as selenium; eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, and drinking milk.

是 Whether the hypertension of pregnancy continues to adhere to the full month, or the specific situation of the termination of pregnancy scores.Pregnant women in the early stages of hypertension and mild eclaration during pregnancy can expect to be full -term; patients with severe eclampsion, if <26 weeks, it is recommended to terminate pregnancy; if it is 26-28 weeks, according to the level of treatment of the mother’s fetal treatment;From 28 to 34 weeks, you can consider termination of tire lung maturity or the permission of the condition to continue to expect; if you are ≥34 weeks, consider terminating pregnancy, if 37 weeks, you can terminate your pregnancy in time.

患 If you have hypertension in the first child, in order to avoid re -pregnancy hypertension, it is recommended that you must do pre -pregnancy examination for evaluation before pregnancy. I find that there is an autoimmune disease or chronic hypertension, and the evaluation and treatment of the condition are evaluated and treated.Adhere to regular production inspections, pay attention to monitoring, adjust their diet reasonably, maintain a happy mood, discover abnormalities in time, and deal with timely treatment. Most of them can avoid severe pregnancy.

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