What should I do if I do infected with new coronal virus during pregnancy?

According to the current limited reporting information about the new crown virus during pregnancy, the Maternity Committee of the Maternal Physician Professional Committee of the Obstetrics and Gynecologist Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Medical Society of Medical Branch, and the Chinese Magazine MagazineThe Committee recently released the "Suggestions for New Coronary Viruses Infectious Experts during pregnancy and puerperium".

The "Expert Suggestion" prompts that a maternal maternal who found suspected or confirmed new crown pneumonia infection should income to the ward as required, and those who have conditions to income a negative pressure isolation ward should be income.The chest imaging examination, especially CT, has important clinical reference value for the evaluation of the condition; the opportunity of childbirth should be individualized, and the specific conditions such as mothers, gestational weeks and childbirth should be comprehensively considered.Observe the clinical manifestations of infection. During this period, it is not recommended to directly breast milk.

CT examination is an important reference

It will not cause fetal malformations

Professor Yang Huixia, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Peking University First Obstetrics and Gynecology, Deputy Chairman of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the leader of the scientific science group, is one of the "Expert Suggestions" writing experts.According to Yang Huixia, there are currently few cases of maternal diagnosis of new crown pneumonia.Once pregnant women are diagnosed as suspected, they must actively cooperate with the doctor for relevant examinations. The dose of radiation exposure in the chest CT examination is not enough to cause fetal malformation.

"During the epidemic of the disease, how to protect the group of pregnant women? For example, how to arrange clothing, food, housing, housing, housing, housing, housing, housing, food, housing, housing, housing, housing, housing, housing, housing, housing.There are not adaptive consultations such as fever and cough. When you seek medical treatment, you should inform the medical staff as the history of epidemiology.If you have the conditions to treat hospitals with infected mothers, it is recommended to set up a special negative pressure isolation operating room and neonatal isolation ward.

The "Expert Suggestion" gives opinions on the timing and method of childbirth in the infected maternal: New crown pneumonia infection is not an indicator of the termination of pregnancy. The indication of the termination of pregnancy depends on the disease status, gestational week and fetal condition of pregnant women.Under the premise of ensuring the safety of mothers, the opportunity for childbirth should be considered in conjunction with the gestational week.

Newborn isolation for 14 days

Not recommended breast feeding

"Although it is not possible to determine whether the maternal and baby is spread vertically, if the mother is a patient with a new coronary pneumonia virus, in order to prevent the child from being infected, it is necessary to do a good job of protection and isolation." Yang Huixia said.

The "Expert Suggestion" pointed out that the newborns of the newly crown pneumonia maternal childbirth should break the umbilicus as soon as possible, clean it as soon as possible, and transfer to the isolation ward for 14 days.Because it is not yet determined whether there is a new coronal pneumonia virus in breast milk, breastfeeding is not recommended for the time being.Zeng Lingqi, chief physician of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, told reporters that after the epidemic occurred, the hospital predicts the ward. In accordance with the standards of infectious disease ward, a suspected and confirmed newborn receiving treatment area was opened.The bed was opened on February 1.

According to reports, basically a newborn is referred to Wuhan Children’s Hospital every day, arranged in the newborn without accompanying ward, and two of the virus nucleic acid tests are positive.The expert team observes closely on the treatment of newborn cases."In addition to medical care, life care is also done by medical staff, such as feeding, diapers, etc." Zeng Lingkong said.

It is still uncertain on the fetal impact

Sick mother cuts without panic

The "Expert Suggestion" pointed out that there is currently no enough data to determine the impact of pregnant women’s new crown pneumonia infection on the fetus.Data from pregnant women suffering from viral pneumonia in the past showed that premature birth, fetal growth and mortality of siege diseases increased.Compared with pregnant women without pneumonia, the risks of low birth weight, premature birth, and fetal growth in pregnant women with pneumonia have increased.According to 2003 reports, 10 severe acute respiratory syndrome pregnant women in Hong Kong, my country, were abortion, which deserves attention.

The "Expert Suggestion" also pointed out that the previous data of fever on the fetus during pregnancy shows that fever during early pregnancy can cause structural malformations of fetal neural tube, heart, kidney and other organs.Recently, some studies analyzed 80321 maternal data. It was found that the proportion of fever during early pregnancy was 10.8%, and the incidence of fetal malformation was 3.7%.Among them, 8,321 pregnant women with a body temperature of early pregnancy are higher than 38 degrees Celsius and last 1 to 4 days. Compared with those who have not fever during the early pregnancy, the general risk of newborn abnormalities has not increased, but the eyes, ear, facial, neck of the newborn, ear, face, neck, neckThe risk of malformations and reproductive tract deformities increased slightly.Infement infection fever during pregnancy increases the risk of infants and young children’s dynamic disease, and the incidence of autism infection of infants and young children in the middle and late pregnancy increases by doubled.

Yang Huixia said that the new coronary virus is a new virus. Whether the infection and fever during pregnancy cause infants and young children to have a long -term impact of infants and young children.Yang Huixia reminded that her sick mother cut panic, so as not to be unfavorable to herself and fetuses.(Reporter Ganbei)

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