What should I do if I do n’t come to menstruation?

Menstruation is one of the most concerned issues for women (mostly 14-49 years old).

Is it time, menstruation does not come?How to do it?

First of all, are you pregnant?In non -contraception, you need to rule out pregnancy.

Second, is it cold?Before menstruation, do you have a cold diet, swimming, taking a cold bath, rain, rain, going to cold places, etc., cold, cold belly, cold waist, menstruation do not come, treating warm drugs for therapeutic, warm palace, warm palaceSan cold, lightly use brown sugar ginger jujube water.

Third, are you angry?Angry, vomiting qi, temper, etc.Breasts are rising, menstruation does not come down, qi stagnation is the main, reluctant liver and qi, spleen and blood, can be added or subtracted with rose tea or adding flavors.

Fourth, there are blood clots, dark blood, low menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea, dark tongue, or stasis.Treatment of hawthorn saffron brown sugar tea, or rhubarb.

Fifth, the amount of menstruation is small, light, white, weak, dizziness, is insufficient qi and blood.

There are also qi deficiency to promote weakness and failure to come to menstruation. You can use Nongyi Qi Decoction. If the phlegm and dampness can not be blocked, you can use Cangosuchia sputum soup, etc. You will not be further described.Relatively speaking, it is mild.The treatment is timely, and the results are slightly effective.

In addition, there are polycystic ovary syndrome, or premature ovarian failure, low hormone levels, thin endometrium, and endometrial without thickening. Generally, menstruation, or longer, or amenorrhea is generally heavier. This is heavier.The situation is more complicated.First of all, it is necessary to nourish qi and blood, nourish blood and warm, and I first pushed Fu Qing’s warm meridian blood soup. The medicine is less special.If menstruation has not come for a while, you can appropriately increase the flesh and bloody products, such as antlers, Ejiao, Zihe car and so on.When qi and blood supplement, or have breasts, full abdomen, full abdomen, and waist discomfort, you can appropriately increase the medicines of promoting blood circulation, Sands, safflower, peach kernel, and Sanqi.I personally focus on the principles of treating qi and blood+kidney tonic+proper blood circulation.It is not recommended to use a large amount of blood circulation drugs in the case of insufficient qi and blood, barely promoting the tide of menstruation.

My point of view, the focus of treatment is the problem of governing people and the occurrence of people, it is not simply solving the problem.For example, women with insufficient qi and blood, fatigue, insomnia, light complexion, dry skin, or dark, or pigmentation, menstruation fails, or amenorrhea.After treatment, there is a spirit, luster, sleep, and good mood, that is the basis of physical qi and blood recovery.Just take time

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