What should I do if I fever after a cold?Should I take antipyretics, the doctor tells you the right operation

At present, most people are treating fever. When they take out the thermometer, when they see the normal range, the nervous expression will immediately relax.Even if the patient is sweating, it is almost the same.

In fact, at this time there was bacteria or viruses.As they retreating in high temperature environments, they suddenly found that the white blood cells stopped attacking and the surroundings became cool and pleasant, which provided a breathing opportunity for bacteria or viruses.This will inevitably prolong the course of the disease, make the condition complicated, and even cause sepsis, which is life -threatening.Investigations have shown that the application of heating agent will extend the cold course of the cold for 2-4 days.

But in the outpatient clinic, patients were often anxious and asked: "I have burned to 39 degrees, and I still have to repel me the hot needle?" "What should I do if my brain is burned?"

In fact, cold and fever are the human instinctual response, and the most effective measure to remove virus bacteria. We do not need to stop it.

▶ What are the benefits of fever after a cold?How to deal with it is correct?

The human body will actively start the heating mechanism after infection, which is the redesign of the body temperature regulating center. All this is purposeful, not out of control.This defensive adaptation for infection has existed for hundreds of millions of years in the entire animal world.We do not need to disturb this.

When the cold -blooded lizard is infected, it will not actively fever, but it will choose a warm place to increase the body temperature by about 2 ° C.If the weather is not good, or if you can’t find a warm place in time, the lizard will die.Young rabbits cannot be fever by themselves, so once they get sick, it will also find a warm place to increase its body temperature; adult rabbits can adjust their body temperature and make themselves fever.Essence

At the beginning of the last century, the incidence of syphilis was very high, but there was no effective treatment of drugs. Therefore, some people thought of using fever caused by malaria to treat syphilis because malaria could be cured with Chinese herbal medicine.So some people intended to make thousands of syphilis patients infected with malaria.At that time, the natural relief rate of syphilis was less than one percent, and this heating treatment reached 30 % of the relief rate.At that time, people who knew the value of fever were more than now.

But it is not blindly encouraged to treat the disease in a way of fever.If the temperature of 40 ° C can prevent infection, then we keep this temperature. Why not wait until the infection?This is because the temperature of 40 ° C is expensive, and the energy consumption increases, which may cause delirium, and maybe there is damage to the central nervous system.Our body has evolved to the present in this continuous weighing advantages and disadvantages.

But if there is a date today, and you are fever, you may prefer to extend the course of the disease, take hot medicine, and do not want to lose the chance of the date.

In fact, if you know the reason for fever, you will not be anxious.

Generally, the fever below 40 degrees is not rushed to relieve heat (this is also mentioned in "Pathmology"), but it is necessary to add enough water, nutrition and vitamins, fully rest, keep warm, to facilitate the establishment of resistance; fever or high fever even high feverAfter a few hours, if you do n’t see it, you can consider the application of heating drugs. At this time, it can generally take effect with a small amount of medication, and it is not easy to repeat it again.

Many people often ask in outpatient clinics, do you have to use antipyretic drugs more than 38.5 degrees?In fact, there is no such statement. According to the personal tolerance, I feel too uncomfortable, so I will heat up.If you persist, you do n’t need to antipyretic medicine first. I often say to the patient: if you count enough early, you will get sick earlier.At the beginning, use antipyretic drugs, and then make up for the course of extending the disease.I often prescribed fever in the clinic, but I have to tell patients that they are just backup.

Each cold and fever is a strengthened exercise for physical resistance, especially children before the age of five, which is the stage where the immunity is low and needs to be perfected.The stimulus of fever is the best way and a rare opportunity.

Some people live shallowly, just in front of their eyes, do not want to be long -term; as long as they do not get hot today, no matter what will happen tomorrow; just like playing chess, just look at two steps, regardless of changes after three steps.(In addition, some people think that drinking more water after a cold is one of the reasons that leads to refractory cough. Some people have a shocking sound in the stomach and are still drinking., Will reflect the flow, leading to cough. "If there is no beauty and evil, it is a disaster."

For high -heat patients greater than 40 degrees, especially patients with heart disease, because they may induce heart failure, they should be treated early.There are also pregnant women who have the danger of fetal malformations in the early pregnancy, and they will further increase the burden on the whole body in the late pregnancy, and they should also heat up early.We fever generally uses acetaminol, which is relatively safe for pregnant women and babies to avoid applying aspirin and Baotongsong.

Talents who have not fever for a long time make people worry?

Each fever is a good exercise for the human body’s immune system, especially for children.Sending a burning once, it will become more mature.The common people talk about "send a burning once, apply a stubble of dung", which means that it is hot, just like the crops applying fertilizer, which can promote growth.Some adolescent children, after sending a high fever once, are like changing a person, they are also sensible and calm.I always have no masculinity at the current child. It is related to hormones when I have fever.

Other people fever, headache, muscle soreness after a cold, three or five days, and we are the same after we have a cold. We are normal people. Why do we have special people?If it has been three or five days after a cold, there is still fever, that is, when it is not good, it does not improve when it is good. At this time, you need to check the blood and chest tablets further. Is it possible to have pneumonia?

And people who often fever usually do not have tumors. It is precisely those who have "never get sick, and they rarely go to the hospital, and do not deal with doctors." The probability of suffering from tumors has greatly increased.And there is an unknown role in fever, that is, fever can greatly inhibit the tumor. If there is tumor in the body, a high fever will be obviously inhibited.Not only do bacteria and viruses do not want to fever, but tumor cells do not like fever.The small intestine and heart parts with the highest temperature in the body have never been tumors.Therefore, people who rarely fever, or block the fever to make people worry.

Therefore, everyone must defend their right to heat.

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