What should I do if I find pregnancy after breaking up? What should I do?

I am from Hubei, my boyfriend is from Henan. I am a colleague with him. He is 4 years younger than me, and I have a marriage before. I have a daughter to return to my ex -husband.People also accept it, I am very moved.And my friends and family members were not very impressed with Henan people, and they were not very agreed, but I always felt that I couldn’t overturn a boat person in one pole. I felt that he was very honest and very good to me.I think the two will live well.

Last year, I started to communicate in June and prepare for the wedding of the National Day this year, so I have been preparing for pregnancy recently.During this month, he suddenly discovered that he said that the 3W dollars deposited this year did not exist at all, and then found that he had been in contact with his ex -girlfriend, and said on QQ for a while to see her.I suspected that the money was borrowed, but things were far from being so simple. I used his mobile bank to inquire and found that I have not entered the account in the past three months, all expenditure.This year, he resigned and went out to sell breakfast. The tuition and buying equipment was all the money I borrowed to him. It was 10,000 yuan. He also borrowed 10,000 with his sister, saying that it was more convenient to leave some money on his hand.I go to work every day, and I don’t know if he has been out of the stall. His booths and materials are placed in a small warehouse on the first floor, and I have never seen it.I was going out that day and saw that the materials were not useful, and I had long bugs. I found out that he might have been playing during this time, and he didn’t do anything at all.My sister and I borrowed his money, all of which were spent in these months.

I said that the family was urgent and asked him to think of the money to return me. He said he would give it to me in 3 days.I went on to find that he wanted to loan. WeChat found several loans, but he did not go to work, no social security, and could not be loaned.Then his various excuses said that the contractor he had done before was owed to him 2W. He was going back to the debt, and I believed it.I felt uncomfortable when I went to work that day, so I went back. When I saw his iPad on the sofa, I saw the record above and found that he didn’t go back at all. He had been in Shenzhen.No wonder he said that he went back for a few days, let me not go back to rent, and said that the road was not safe, I lived in the dormitory.I quarreled with him and said that he would break up. He said that after two days of the bank flowing to me, I also gave me my money. Later, I discovered that he would make people on the Internet for the bank deposits and flowing water.PS deposit amount.Before the picture had time to send it to me, I found it.

At that moment, he was still lying, saying that he was afraid of me, and wanted to stabilize my emotions first, saying that his money was investing, and he could come back immediately.I didn’t listen, I moved out with my luggage.I thought, I would not force him that money, just give me back before the end of the year.Today I found that menstruation was more than a week later. I bought a test strip and I was really pregnant.I have the hearts of my death now, and I no longer trust him, and he is such a person with such no sense of responsibility. How can he be a good father?

What to do, friends give me a branch.

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