What should I do if I find pregnancy after divorce and find pregnancy

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Question: Hello, the woman is a student and the man is a villager. The two talk about love for a year. The woman wants to break up, but the man does not agree. The man said that the woman delayed him for a year and cheated his money.The woman pays money.But the woman really did not lie to his money. During her love, the man bought things for the woman, and the woman returned everything when she broke up.Now the man said that the woman cheated his money, and also said to sue the woman. What should I do?In addition, the man now tells people that the woman lied to the man’s money. Can the woman sue the man now?

Answer: Since the woman does not cheat each other’s money, even if the other party really wants to sue, don’t worry.As for the man who told others that the woman cheated the man’s money, if the woman felt necessary, they could sue the other party to infringe on their reputation.

Ask: Will the female party win?Can I have to compensate for spiritual compensation?How much can they compensate?

Answer: Whether it will win this depends on evidence and whether it causes harm to the woman.Generally speaking, the court will ask for stopping violations and public apology.It is possible to compensate for mental damage, mainly depending on your own demands.The amount of compensation will be determined in accordance with the following standards: serious mental damage, the amount of compensation for soothing will be divided into 50,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan, and 10,000 yuan; general mental damage, sooth for soothing moneyThe compensation amount is divided into 8,000 yuan, 6000 yuan, 4,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan.If the right to reputation and the right to honor is infringed, refer to the provisions of the preceding paragraph or appropriately.


Question: Hello, my grandfather has three sons. In 2002, his younger son had a separate marriage after marriage. Grandpa had a house everywhere. Each son was one place, and there were three houses left.A son agreed to return these three houses to his eldest son after a hundred years.The eldest son gives them 2,000 yuan each, and has a receipt.Now Grandpa wants to return the house and want to re -give this will to the younger son.Excuse me, will the will be valid?

Answer: The real estate is grandfather and is punished by Grandpa.The law stipulates that the testor can revoke and change the will he set.Grandpa made another will and received a notarization of the notary office, which was more effective than the sub -list of the village committee.


Question: Hello, I am a senior high school student. Because of the high rental house price, I told the landlord yesterday that the house would not be rented. I hope she can return the deposit.The house was rented by my dad. The deposit was 500 and signed the contract, but I haven’t officially moved in, and the key has not been given to me.She said that if I do n’t rent it, the house does n’t want the five hundred yuan deposits, no matter if I rented out those five hundred yuan of deposits.There was no deposit on the contract, the contract was the landlord.Excuse me, can I return the deposit?

Answer: In this case, the other party can not refund the deposit.


Question: Hello, I am 21 years old, married, and my child is more than one year old. When I was young, I did n’t get a certificate when I was young. Now I ’m going to divorce.The problem is that the man took advantage of me a few days ago to recording what I said. The recording content is: I voluntarily pay the child for the child’s support for 2,000 yuan per month. Does this recording take effect?

Answer: You can recording in your state of drunkenness is not the expression of your true meaning and can not take effect; if you admit this recording later, it will take effect.


Question: Hello, I just divorced, but now I found that I was pregnant. If I gave birth to the child myself, the child should not return to the man?

Answer: You can raise it by yourself and ask the man to pay the support fee.


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