What should I do if I find that blood pressure is rising during pregnancy?For these 3 types of pregnant women, start from these 4 o’clock

According to relevant survey data, many women have normal blood pressure before pregnancy, but there is a problem of rising blood pressure after pregnancy. This situation is Medical as a pregnancy hypertension.

Pregnancy hypertension is divided into two types: physiological and pathological, but no matter which reason, it will increase the risk of the childbirth room.

This is why pregnant women and friends can actively take preventive measures. For example, starting with the following 4 details, especially these three types of people are prone to people, they are more vigilant.

What are the dangers of hypertension during pregnancy?

1. Damage to pregnant women’s organs and circulation systems

If the blood pressure of pregnant women is too high, the placental blood flow will be infused, the fetal blood supply is insufficient, and the placental function will be reduced.

2. Affect fetal development

Severe hypertension can lead to slow fetal development, intrauterine distress, fetal stopping, premature birth, etc., affect the healthy development of the fetus, and even cause the fetus to develop too small or premature placenta.

3. Damage to pregnant women’s blood vessels

Once blood pressure rises, it will cause vascular spasm and microcirculation disorders, which will affect the function of pregnant women’s organs. In severe cases, liver and kidney failure and postpartum bleeding will occur.In addition, it may cause brain damage to pregnant women.

Therefore, pregnant women should regularly monitor blood pressure. If hypertension symptoms occur, they should be treated under the guidance of the doctor to reduce harm.

Prevent hypertension of pregnancy, insist on doing the following 4 things

1. Adjust the diet structure

Patients must consume less high -salt food during pregnancy. Excessive sodium ions in salt are too much.

In addition, pregnant women should pay attention to balanced diets, such as more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially spinach, soy products, bananas, which contain more potassium ions, which can confront sodium to help lower blood pressure.

Secondly, it is more intake, fish, and coarse grains, so that you can supplement nutrition and promote the prevention of constipation to prevent gastrointestinal motility.

2. Relax your body and mind

During pregnancy, the level of hormones in women has changed greatly, and her heart is more sensitive.

Once encountering uncomfortable things, emotional fluctuations, blood pressure will suddenly rise, so female friends should learn to relax, listen to music or do simple yoga movements.

3. Control weight

Another high -risk factors that lead to rising blood pressure are obesity, but because the woman bear the life of the two people, she cannot easily lose weight, and can only reasonably control weight growth.

Stay away from greasy high -calorie foods, and choose more secure and low -strength movements at the same time, such as walking.

4. Timing production inspection

The process of check -up not only understands the development of the fetus, but also can clearly evaluate the chance of pregnant women with hypertension.

Which pregnant women are most likely to suffer from hypertension during pregnancy?

First, pregnant women who are too young or over -aged

According to the clinical survey data, women who are younger than 20 or more than 40 years old are more likely to be entangled by the problem of pregnancy hypertension during pregnancy.

If you are in this range, you must actively prevent it.

Second, women with family genetic history

Hypertension is a hereditary disease.

If someone in the family has hypertension, the probability of pregnant women itself carrying hypertension genes is greater, but there are fewer hormones secreted by the body during pregnancy and will not show obvious symptoms of hypertension.

Third, pregnant women with high body fat rate

Many people will supplement nutrition in large quantities during pregnancy, which will lead to more obese figures. As a result, blood circulation is blocked, the metabolic speed is slow, and the problem of blood pressure appears.

If there is a problem of hypertension during pregnancy, it does easily affect the normal life of pregnant women and fetuses, so we need to take preventive measures.

In particular, the three types of people mentioned above have to be paid more attention to it. It is recommended to do four things to prevent it, including timing production inspections, controlling weight, relaxation of physical and mental, and adjusting diet structure.

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