What should I do if I found ovarian chocolate cysts during pregnancy?

When this situation is often encountered, women are preparing to check their physical examinations before pregnancy, start with the ultrasonic sheet to start worrying, ovarian chocolate cysts?What do you mean, what should I do?Does it matter?

Ovarian chocolate cysts, referred to as clever, are a tricky issue that plagues women.certainly.It has nothing to do with chocolate.

It is a type of endometriosis.To put it simply, the endometrium runs on the ovaries and grows. As the hormone changes can also be periodic bleeding, the ovarian is wrapped in the opportunity of the ovaries. After repeated for a period of time, a cyst will appear in the ovaries. If surgery is performed, you will find it.Inside is the sticky liquid of chocolate.

It has several symptoms:

Dysmenorrhea.When there was a sick number, he died and died when he came to the aunt.To exclude primary dysmenorrhea, this devastating woman should go to the hospital for examination in time to see if there are chocolate cysts.

Irregular menstruation.Think about the ovarian being destroyed by the cyst, the function will definitely decline, the endocrine balance will be broken, and the natural cycle will not be accurate.

Infertility.This is particularly headache for many people.The damage of ovarian structure and function is inevitable to lose fertility.

relapse.Chocolate cysts are dead without stiffness.After a while, it may come out again after a while.It is not that the doctor does not deal with it, but this is the disease.

How to treat ingenuity has a specific strategy clinically, depending on people according to age, symptoms, fertility requirements.Let’s talk about what to do when we find a clever pork when preparing for pregnancy?

If it is the first time you find a clever sac, the symptoms can still be tolerated, and there are no other malignant considerations. For women who are urgent to ask their children, doctors will allow pregnancy to try first.Because pregnancy is the best way to treat ingenuity.After pregnancy, the ovaries are in the rest stage, and chocolate cysts are a natural curb.Welfare.

If the ingenious sac is found for the first time, the symptoms are already very severe. The cysts are very large, 10 cm fast, or the cysts are particularly fast. It is okay to check the physical examination 2 months ago.In these cases, doctors recommend that the disease number is carefully considered for treatment.why?Because the cyst is too large, it may be twisted or ruptured.The cysts are twisted and the cysts are broken. They are all clinically acute and need emergency surgery.What if this time happened to be pregnant?You say that you are not worried, how can you be all beautiful.

Another reason is that the ovarian mass that grows too fast may not be a good thing.There is a possibility of vicious.As the old saying, it is not afraid of no firewood.Fate is the most important, take care of yourself and then consider anything else.

If it is a compact bag of repeated attacks, it will not be pregnant for several years.If the factors that need to be treated above are excluded, the doctor will recommend that IVF, which is a IVF in the popular sense.

Some clinical studies have found that no intervention of ovarian chocolate cysts does not affect the ending of IVF.Of course, this is just one of the studies, and the specific situation must be cautious.

I will simply introduce the guidelines released by the country. If there are endometriosis (including chocolate cysts) merged infertility (no contraceptive measures, normal room for 1 year, no pregnancy), it is recommended to consider test tube babies.Intersection

※ The woman is over 30 years old, the infertility time is more than 3 years, and the man also has mild problems.

※ The woman is older than 35 years old, especially primary infertility (no other gynecological disease)

※ The heavy man’s factors (mainly the men’s problem)

※ The fallopian tube is not connected (the passage of the fertilized egg is blocked)

※ Low ovarian reserves (not many egg cells, the effect of promoting the effect is not good)

※ Repeated recurrence or severe endometriosis

Therefore, if there is such a problem, to evaluate to what extent and how to deal with it.If there is no such problem, it is best.Usually try to avoid severe menstrual activities and check regularly.Especially female friends with obvious dysmenorrhea, don’t wait to lean, take action, and care about themselves.

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