What should I do if I get sick when I am pregnant?The principles of medication during 12 major pregnancy should be kept in mind!

The most afraid of pregnancy is sick.Have sick, carry hard?It’s painful to think about it.

But how do you take medicine with your baby?What if it affects the baby’s development?We often see the four words "pregnant women with caution" in the pharmaceutical manual, as if taking medicine is always bad.

In life, many expectant mothers are concerned about medication during pregnancy, and even refuse to take all the drugs to cause the disease; there are some unreasonable use of drugs to cause fetal malformations or abortion.

Some surveys show that 2%-3%of the birth defects of newborns may be caused by drugs, and more than half of the causes of teratings are unknown, but they may be related to the interaction of drugs and diseases.

Indeed, the whole pregnancy should be cautious, otherwise it will affect the fetus, but it is not appropriate to reject all medication.

So, which drugs are safe during pregnancy?What are the principles of medication during pregnancy?What happens, you need to go to the hospital for treatment in time?What are the drug safety grades during pregnancy?Nympho

This article will explain the pregnant mothers one by one, so that pregnant mothers no longer have to feel anxious for taking medicine.

In obstetrics clinics, some pregnant mothers or women who are preparing to get pregnant often consult with professional doctors because they are worried that the drugs they take will have a bad impact on the fetus.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers took some medicine without knowing pregnancy, and they were worried that the fetus would be affected during the whole pregnancy. It was not until the baby was born safely.

The importance of medication during pregnancy

In the history of obstetrics, there are two big things that shock the world.One is that Thalidomide was widely used during pregnancy from 1956 to 1960.It was later confirmed that taking pregnant women should be taken from 27-30 days of pregnancy, which can easily make the fetal upper limb development defects. It is easy to make the fetal lower limb defect in 30 to 33 days.event".

The second was from 1940 to 1971. About 3 million pregnant women were used to treat high -risk pregnancy by taking Diethylstallbestrol, such as abortions, premature birth, and preluded epilepsy.Later, it was found that about 25%of the daughters of pregnant women were cervical, vagina, and uterine developmental dysfunction. Most of these influences happened before eighteen weeks before pregnancy.

The impact of medication during pregnancy mainly depends on the time, the type and dose of the drug, so doctors will evaluate the condition of pregnant mothers and the number of pregnancy weeks as the basis for the medication during pregnancy.

Phase 1: Early early (within 2 weeks)

The fertilized eggs within 2 weeks after fertilization have not been bed. At this time, there are generally two extreme possibilities for taking drugs, which is the so -called "all or none."Among them, the situation of "none" is because the fertilized eggs cannot bear the stimulus of the drug (abortion), and another relative "all" state is to survive the fertilized eggs that can resist the invasion of the drug.If the pregnant mothers no longer take other dangerous drugs or the impact of external forces, the fertilized eggs can generally go to bed smoothly and develop into a fetus to produce.

Phase 2: During the embryo period (2 ~ 8 weeks)

After the fertilized eggs, the so -called embryo period is entered. At this time, the most important thing is the critical period of organ formation, such as the central nervous system, heart, ears, eyes, limbs, etc.Negative drugs can easily lead to major defects in the fetus in congenital abnormalities or structure.

Stage 3: fetal period (after 8 weeks)

After 8 weeks of fertilization, the organ development of the embryo has reached a certain degree, and the sensitivity of the fetus to teratogenic drugs is significantly weakened, which will not cause obvious malformations.Therefore, at this time, if it is affected by the teratogenic drugs, most of them are also functional defects (such as hearing defects) or slight structural abnormalities, which will not be as great as the second stage.It is worth reminding that the reproductive system is not completely differentiated at this stage, and it is necessary to pay attention to the impact of drugs on the reproductive system.


Doctor Ding Ding, if the pregnant mother must use the medication, the doctor will carefully evaluate it to give the safest and most appropriate dose of drugs to control the condition, and it will also minimize the impact of drugs on the fetus.In fact, as long as the principle is mastered, the medication during pregnancy can be very safe, and pregnant mothers do not need to be too nervous and worried.

Pharmaceutical classification 5 level · During pregnancy, the safety of medication is guaranteed

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) divides the drug into 5 levels according to the danger of drugs to the fetus:

Class A: It is found that drugs are not harmful to the fetus in the case of a control group. For humans, they will not cause fetal malformations. It is a safe drug. For example, special vitamins during pregnancy belong to this.

Grade B: Animal experiments have confirmed the impact of harmless or adverseness on its fetus, but because it is impossible to do corresponding experiments in the human body, it is still impossible to confirm a bad impact on human fetuses.

Class C: Animal experiments have proven to have an impact on animal fetuses, but lack of corresponding research on humans, or no appropriate research in human and animal experiments.Such drugs must be cautious in use, and at the same time consult a doctor.

Class D: It has been confirmed that it is clear to human fetuses, but it has absolute benefits to pregnant women after medication.Unless the mother has a dangerous or severe illness, and there is no other safety alternative drugs, it can only be used to maintain life or reduce the threat to life.

Grade X: It has been confirmed that it will cause abnormalities of human fetuses and have been disabled in general during pregnancy and clinical practice.


Doctors said that when medication is usually given, A -level or B -level drugs will be used as much as possible, and C -level drugs are carefully selected.

Consultation doctor · Use medicine with caution

There are many types of drugs. They can not only act on pregnant mothers themselves, but also directly enter the fetus through the placenta. They can also affect the fetus through the mother metabolism.The influence of the drug depends on the nature of the drug, the length of the dose and the time, the drug toxicity, the permeability of the placenta, and the sensitivity of the fetus itself.Although some medicines are not harmful to the mother’s body, they have a harmful effect on the fetus. Dr. Chen Fangyi reminded that before taking any drugs, pregnant mothers should consult a professional doctor and use the drugs to ensure that the pregnant mother’s own safety and health can be healthy and healthy.And avoid the fetal affected.

Careful medicine 用 Can’t use the medicine

Many pregnant mothers will have a wrong concept. They think that medication during pregnancy will definitely affect the fetus, so they are afraid of medication.Doctors emphasized that they should be "cautious for medication, but they are not completely unable to use medicine at all!" As long as you consult your doctor and take drugs with caution, medication during pregnancy does not necessarily affect the fetus, and not all drugs may harm the fetus.

Some pregnant mothers are worried that the medication will affect the fetus, so they dare not take medicine regardless of the disease. As a result, delaying the illness is not good for the development of themselves and the fetus.For example, infection during pregnancy, antibiotics need to be used. If you do not follow the doctor’s advice and refuse to use antibiotics, it may develop into pyelonephritis or sepsis, which is very dangerous.Therefore, pregnant mothers cannot be busy with medication as soon as they are sick, nor can the drugs reject them thousands of miles.

Principles of medication during pregnancy

Doctors said that most pregnant mothers are often either too scared or too much when taking medication during pregnancy.In fact, as long as you clearly understand the principle of medication, the drug can also be safe and guaranteed for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Principle 1: The application of any drug should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Do not buy it by yourself.

Principle 2: If there is medicine, you should develop the habit of recording and medication (medicine name) so that you can clearly provide the name of the medication when you need it to evaluate the degree of impact and impact of the fetus on the fetus.

Principles 3: If those who need long -term medication due to special diseases such as thyroid, epilepsy, and systemic lupus erythematosus, you should first inform your doctor and consult your doctor. Do not stop the medicine by yourself because you plan to get pregnant or have pregnant to avoid affecting the original original.The disease caused the disease.

Principle 4: Regular prenatal examination to understand the condition of the fetus.

Principle 5: When taking drugs, pay attention to the words "pregnant women with caution, avoiding, disable" on the packaging.

Principles 6: Do not listen to the recipes and secret recipes and abuse drugs.

Principle 7: Drugs that can be used are not used;

Principle 8: When two or more drugs have the same or similar curative effect, consider choosing drugs that are less harmful to the fetus.

Principle 9: Avoid combined medications to be used alone. Drugs that can be more positive with conclusions do not need to be more new.

Principle 10: Forbidden testing during pregnancy, including pregnancy trial medication.

Principle 11: Pay attention to the gestational week for medication, strictly grasp the dosage and duration.Adhere to the reasonable medication, stop the medicine in time after control.

Principle 12: Before pregnancy or during pregnancy, if you encounter any problems of medication, you should consult a professional doctor or pharmacist.

Medication during pregnancy

Pregnant mother: If the pregnant mother takes her medicine without knowing she is pregnant, or if she is pregnant in the process of long -term medication, does she need to stop pregnancy?

Doctor: Whether medication will affect the fetus during pregnancy is mainly related to the number of pregnancy weeks, drugs, dosage dosage and medication time.Generally, Class B and C -levels of medication account for the majority of Class B and C (mostly a cold medicine belongs to this), and it is also within the acceptable range of obstetrics.

However, because most pregnant mothers are not familiar with the classification and definition of drugs, it is recommended that pregnant mothers make detailed records in the recent or long -term drugs (such as the name of the medicine, the number of days that have been taken, the method and time of time, etc.).Take the drug to the outpatient clinic for further consultation.Doctors will analyze the timing of taking medicine and the relatively danger of drugs, and provide the most appropriate suggestions for pregnant mothers based on the age of pregnant mothers and fetuses. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much.

Pregnant mother: What are the common discomfort during pregnancy?Do you need medication?

Doctor A: Common discomfort during pregnancy: pregnancy, headache, toothache, stomach pain, constipation, cold, urinary tract or vaginal infection, insomnia, itchy skin, etc.

The doctor said that if there is any discomfort in the pregnant mother, they should seek the assistance of a professional doctor. The doctor decides whether to take medicine based on the situation of the pregnant mother.Medical or taking medicine.At the same time, it is also recommended that pregnant mothers maintain a happy and relaxed mood in daily life, and exercise appropriately to maintain a good physical and mental state.

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