What should I do if I have an inaccurate ovulation?I want to get pregnant during ovulation, teach you to do this, or take less detours

Many people are very puzzled. The bodies of both husband and wife are normal. In the normal ovulation period, the husband and wife have no problem, but the husband and wife have worked hard for a few months. In the end, they still have no successful pregnancy.Why don’t you get pregnant?

Successful conception is an extremely complicated physiological process. It requires that both the husband and wife have normal eggs and sperm to ensure that the eggs and sperm can meet and combine into fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube.Fully prepare for fertilized eggs.

Any abnormal one in these links may cause women infertility or difficulty in women.Therefore, it is not possible to get pregnant in the same room during the ovulation period. If the luck is good enough, there will be a certain probability to successfully conceive.However, pregnancy can not only rely on luck. Both husband and wife must do everything in order to be good in luck ~

If you want to complete this process if you want to succeed, you need to have certain fertility conditions. Normal conception requires the following basic conditions:

What are the basic conditions for normal conception?

1. The woman’s ovulation period normally ovulation during ovulation;

2. When the man is ejaculating without obstacles in the same room, the man’s sperm quality is excellent, and the sperm must be guaranteed.

3. The woman’s fallopian tube is unobstructed, so that sperm and eggs can be better combined.

4. The fertilized egg must be transported to the uterine cavity from the fallopian tube and grows in the endometrium.

What is the cause of normal ovulation?

1. Women’s eggs are unhealthy

If women have normal ovulation, even if they can be discharged on time, they should also need to pay attention when ovulation during the same room.However, if women’s eggs are not very healthy, or the maturity of the eggs is not enough, it will cause sperm and eggs to be unable to combine normally, causing women to have an ovulation and not pregnancy.

2. Men’s sperm is abnormal

If women’s eggs are healthy, but the man’s sperm is insufficient, or dead sperm, no sperm, etc., will also cause sperm and eggs to be unable to combine normally, causing women to ovulate and inaccurate.

3. There is a problem with the fallopold pipeline

Due to abnormal fallopian tubes, infertility is one of the most important causes of infertility, the most common clinical.If women’s fallopian tubes are blocked, water accumulation, adhesion or fallopian tube malformations, peristalsis is abnormal, they will cause male sperm and female eggs to be unable to combine normally, which will eventually affect normal conception.

4. Reproductive organs are deformed

If women suffer from congenital vaginal malformations, vaginal stenosis and other reproductive organs such as congenital abnormalities or inconsistent reproductive organ lesions, these will cause the normal function of the reproductive tract to be affected, cause the reproductive tract blockage, unobstructed, and cause it to not be as normal as normal.Sperm, like eggs, cannot be combined with eggs, so even if women have ovulation, they cannot get pregnant normally.

What is the reason for not getting pregnant during ovulation?

1. If the women’s prior ovarian function is not developed, the ovarian function is premature, the ovarian is premature aging, the ovary has tumors, polycystic, cervical and other diseases, and there will be no ovulation even if there is menstruation.

2. We all know that menstruation is subject to interaction conditions between hypothalamus, pituitary, and ovarian. If the functions of the three are disordered, amenorrhea may occur and ovulation without ovulation.In emotion, it may cause dysfunction of the hypothalamus, which will not ovulate.

3. If women have systemic diseases, such as hyperthyroidism or severe malnutrition, ovulation may also occur.

What should I do if I have no pregnancy during ovulation?

First of all, the couple must not be discouraged, maintain a good attitude, and encourage each other.If both the husband and wife are in good physical fitness, then relax, prepare more for a while, and try a few more times.

Secondly, if you have been preparing for pregnancy, you have obvious symptoms of ovulation, and the time to choose the same time is correct. If you do not succeed in pregnancy, go to a regular hospital for a detailed examination and deeply understand the specific reasons for infertility.In fact, in most cases, the reason why female friends are inaccurate during ovulation are because there is no ovulation, that is, female friends suffer from ovulation disorders.However, there may also be men’s reasons, and everyone should not ignore it.

In the end, the mentality is really important, let it go naturally, and the pregnancy is natural.If you want to succeed in conceiving your baby, you need to rely on the joint efforts of both husband and wife, change bad habits, ban smoking and drinking, not staying up late, and maintaining a scientific lifestyle.There is a relaxed and optimistic attitude. It is important to affect women’s ovulation in a high pressure and tension state for a long time.

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