What should I do if I have the endometrium polyps?

The condition of the endometrium is one of the important factors that determine embryonic planting and development ending, and endometrial polyps are common endometrial problems.

What is endometrial polyps?The endometrium polyps are the benign nodules that highlight the surface of the uterine endometrium. Sometimes it can cause abnormal uterine bleeding and infertility, and very few may have malignant changes.If sperm and eggs are metaphorized to "seeds", then the endometrium is equivalent to "soil", and polyps can be understood as "small stones" mixed in "soil".Normal conception is a combination of sperm and eggs in the fallopian tube, and the fertilized eggs are swimming to the uterine cavity.If the fertilized eggs are preparing to bed on the endometrium, it happens to encounter the surface of the endometrium or around the polyp, just like the "seed" falling on the "small stone"."Gel", so the endometrium polyps affect the embryo bed.

How can I know if there are endometrium polyps?Those who are consulting in the reproductive center may have such an experience. During the B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation, sometimes "uterine endometrial echo is uneven". In this case, doctors need to dynamically observe the changes in the endometrium.In most cases, the obvious endometrium polyps can basically be diagnosed through B -ultrasound. However, there are also some typical, small, and multiple uterine endometrium polyps.Hysteroscopic examination to clearly diagnose and treat.

How to treat endometrial polyps?Under the hysteroscopy, the endometrial polyps are removed, the surgical trauma is small, and the recovery is fast. After the pathological examination of the postoperative surgery, if it is a benign endometrial polyp, the first month of the postoperative can continue the pregnancy.Endometritis is also a factor affecting the endometrium to embryonic tolerance. The pathological results after hysteroscopy can also understand whether there are chronic inflammation of the endometrium.The endometrium is conducive to embryo bed.

Author: Zhang Qing

This article was scientifically controlled by Wang Huichun, director of the reproductive center of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Haidian District, Beijing.Experts are good at diagnosis and treatment of infertility, menstrual disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, repetitive natural abortion, hyperthermia, premature ovarian aging and other diseases. They are good at ovulation, artificial insemination, and IVF reproduction.

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