What should I do if I have urinary incontinence and urine in the postpartum?Do these little care

The hardships of women in October can only be appreciated. Not only do they have a pregnancy reaction after pregnancy, as the fetus continues to grow, the body burden also worsen, and will have pubic pain and inconvenient actions.And when the baby is born smoothly, many postpartum problems will be faced.Many people have urinary incontinence, urine retention, infection, etc. How to solve these problems and study them clearly.

Many women have urinary incontinence after production, because the ladies’s bladder during childbirth will be squeezed to varying degrees, and even the surrounding ligaments are torn.Leakage urine, that is, urinary incontinence.

In order to improve this situation, anal lifting exercises should be properly lifted, and the rules should be contracted up and relaxed the anus, which can relax the muscle of the basin of the basin, improve muscle contraction ability, and promote blood circulation at the same time.Postpartum care cannot be ignored.

People who keep the health of the body are urinating smoothly, and they feel that the urine can go to the toilet for the first time to drain the urine.However, many women’s urine is found to be clean after production, and this situation may be urinating.Urine retention will have an impact, not resolved in time, uterine contraction cannot be maintained well, and there will be vaginal bleeding. In severe cases, infections are severe.

In order to solve this problem, do not drink excessive drinking water, water can meet the demand, reducing the pressure on the tolerance of the bladder.You can also relieve the increase in pressure caused by the tension caused by warm water, and cooperate with your hands to press the urine excretion.If it is still unable to improve, you need to take a doctor as soon as possible to take sterile urine treatment.

Some women have urethral infections after production. They do not keep the private parts dry and hygienic, which will cause bacteria to breed and cause infection when the resistance is weak.

In order to improve this situation, you should pay attention to hygiene issues. You can replace them in a timely manner. Of course, you can also drink water in moderation to accelerate the excretion of urine through water to meet the needs and wash away the generated bacteria.Keeping underwear should be loose and breathable. If the infection is serious, medication should be treated if necessary.

Postpartum depression is a situation that many women encounter. After production, there are obvious symptoms of depression, which is manifested as restlessness and low mood. It may occur within six weeks after production. Some people can recover by themselves.Time, genetic, endocrine, physical disease, social psychological factors.

It may cause postpartum depression, which has adverse physical symptoms and emotional changes.To be treated, psychological intervention should be performed, or it can be relieved by stress transfer, music, and venting emotions. If necessary, use drugs to fight depression.”Zero plan”

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