What should I do if my fracture is fractured during pregnancy?

Doctor, what should I do if my ankle fracture for 3 months?A patient who was looking for me recently asked me

Mobile phones, rice cookers, TV, etc., naturally have radiation.The radiation that our body suffers in the year If there is a number 1.0, is it 0.02, so we are also radiated at all times, but the incidence of fetal deformity is still very low.of.I want to add a film once, for the fetus, the impact is minimal.In addition, we can also protect the belly of pregnant women, which greatly reduces the impact of filming on the fetus.

The impact on the fetus is mainly because of the pregnant woman itself, the mood of pregnant women, attention, nutrition, activity, etc. If the pregnant woman is really fractured, because there is no film, no fracture is found, and no treatment is obtained.It is very large. The pain and suffering that she must endure can greatly affect the mood and rest of the pregnant woman. She will be very anxious. She is also a human. In addition to worrying about children, she will also worry about her body.Will there be sequelae in the future?

Pain, anxiety, unable to rest normally, the impact on the fetus is far greater than the impact of filming on the fetus.I have encountered a pregnant woman who had had a car accident before, and her arms were painful, but her family strongly opposed the filming. She was in a bad mood because the arm could not move, and it hurt when I moved.EssenceLater, she filmed and confirmed that it was a humeral fracture and performed surgery.Is this abortion caused by a car accident or a few days of pain and anxiety or worry?Therefore, I take a support attitude for filming, and I still have to make a film.Just protect it.

In the first, don’t sacrifice the health of pregnant women because they are afraid of their children’s problems. Some fractures must be performed within a certain period of time. For example, internal fractures of the joints, after the fracture healing, there is no chance to recover health. In the futureWalking.If it is a spine fracture, it is compressed to the spinal cord and not treated in time, it may cause paraplegia, or other difficult sequelae.certainly.If some fractures that can be conservatively treated, you can try your best to treat conservative treatment, but you must try your best to take care of the pain of pregnant women.On the other hand, if the surgery really affects the child, should it keep the adult’s health or a child?If you can only take one between adults, should you keep the health of the pregnant woman or the child?Personally, it is recommended to keep pregnant women, followed by children.

There are two reasons: the first is that with the increase of the gestational week, especially in the late pregnancy, the physical center of gravity of the expectant mother moves forward, and the body is more and more bulky. In addition, the pelvic ligament is relatively loose.Fractures caused by collision and traffic accidents have also increased.The second is the main reason for the lack of calcium content, which leads to the loss of bone mass, which causes bone loose disease and becomes an invisible killer of a fracture.

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